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5/6/22, 1:01 PM


Tuesday (5/3/22), Ranch Matters (RM) spent some time with Jefferson County Sheriff Marc Heckathorn and obtained an unedited video interview regarding his election campaign.

Sheriff Heckathorn starts off discussing his background that included how he rose through the ranks while working for the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office the last 23 years.

Heckathorn explained the selection process held last June by the Jefferson County Commission that resulted in him being appointed Sheriff “unanimously” and his swearing in ceremony July 1, 2021.

Heckathorn stated, “I’m a well known community volunteer and asset across Jefferson County-not just here in the greater Madras area.”

According to Heckathorn, since assuming the position of Sheriff, he’s “been able to take the office in a couple of new directions” that included Crooked River Ranch (CRR).

Heckathorn stated, “I go out into CRR and I talk to people, they’re really, really appreciative of all of a sudden they’re seeing this huge increase in deputy presence and the number of traffic stops.” “This isn’t some political tactic or move, this is something I believe that the CRR residents are already paying for today and maybe weren’t quite getting the service levels that I feel were appropriate.”

Heckathorn added, “I always talk about, there’s some differences between Sheriff Adkins and I. I’ve been running the patrol division as his, as an employee of Sheriff’s Adkins.” “Sheriff Adkins is a great guy, but we just do some things that are different…”

Sheriff Heckathorn stressed that he likes connecting with new people and groups on CRR and has been “highly involved” with a lot of the Ranch clubs and social groups. “Any opportunity that I have to do something out at CRR, I’m out there.”

Heckathorn talks about the rule of law and holding people accountable for their actions. He stated, “…holding people accountable, everyone is individually accountable for their own behavior and make their own choices and their own decisions.”

Heckathorn wraps up stating, “I’m really excited about what were doing today and I’m looking forward to earning your vote and continuing the good work that we’re doing here at the Sheriff’s Office. We have great people, we have a great community and I’m really proud to represent you as Sheriff…”


Wednesday (5/4/22), Jefferson County District Attorney, Steve Leriche and retired Sheriff Jim Adkins released the equivalent of an atomic explosion by issuing a joint statement endorsing Sheriff Heckathorn’s opponent, Sr. Deputy Jason Pollock.

Their joint statement describes Heckathorn’s actions as Sheriff and during his campaign as less than commendable and list some of their reason for not endorsing Heckathorn that included questioning his “integrity, and judgment”.

As reported, RM contacted Sheriff Heckathorn immediately and asked if he was aware of the DA’s Media Release/Endorsement, he responded, “I was not” and we sent him a copy.

A short time later Sheriff Heckathorn issued his written response that started off, “I was stunned and thoroughly disappointed by the media release issued today by the District Attorney and former Sheriff. Both persons I considered to be my friends and mentors. I’ve worked with both persons for more than twenty years and have both personal and professional relationships with them. Neither person contacted me to prior to the release being sent to the media.”

Heckathorn’s statement further stated in part, “The retired sheriff was a key supporter of mine and encouraged me to apply for the Sheriff’s position…”

He goes on to say how he was “blindsided in a last minute effort to change the trajectory of an election” and added, he has complete and accurate information refuting their accusations.

The next morning (5/5/22), RM sent the following text message to Sheriff Heckathorn, “Good morning. Working on our interview yesterday when hit with the DA’s Media release. Is there anything you want to add, over and above before posting video interview? We were at the selection process last June and also covered your swearing in ceremony where Jim Adkins pins his badge on you.”

Sheriff Heckathorn responded, “I have Jim’s letter of endorsement from then but things have obviously changed his mind. You can have it if you’d like. Otherwise I have nothing further to add beyond what’s been released by me.”


“I will say I was glad Z21 pinned them down as not trying to even speak with me about any of these issues. All of this is old information so the timing is very suspect in my opinion and politics at play.”

“My record speaks for itself especially in CRR. Enhanced dedicated south county patrols, enhanced traffic safety in CRR, and an opponent openly discussing raising taxes to fund patrol and jail with a ‘sheriff’s office levy’. I do not support that idea. Residents are taxed out.”

Sheriff Heckathorn later sent me a copy of Sheriff Adkins “Letter of Support” dated May 12, 2021, where he signs off stating, “Undersheriff Heckathorn is the right person for the job.”

What’s changed and why just days before the election did the district attorney and the former sheriff issue their explosive statement?


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