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ONE YEAR AGO TODAY- Panorama Park-UpDate

9/28/20, 6:10 PM

Panorama Park-UpDate

What’s Changed?

A year ago today, September 28, 2019, Ranch Matters posted a story titled, MAINTENANCE FREE ZONE regarding maintenance issues at Panorama Park.

The report dealt in part with a MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU)/AGREEMENT between the County and Crooked River Ranch, the failure of the Ranch to maintain the Park, corrective efforts and the lack of transparency involving tax payers funds.

We reported that Jefferson County pays Crooked River Ranch a monthly maintenance fee that is just under $400.00 dollars to maintain the Park and the MOU clearly outlines CRR responsibilities. Further, we reported that County Administrator, Jeff Rasmussen, stated at the time, he was “Planning on meeting with HOA/Judy Lapora to discuss the MOU on Panorama Park.”



At a CRR/BOD Meeting in late 2017, Ranch resident Jan Cook complained about the maintenance of Panorama Park and provided the Board a copy of the MOU. The Minutes of the meeting stated, “She (Ms. Cook) provided a copy of the a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Jefferson County Commissioners that agrees to pay CRR to maintain the park…”

Lapora reported in a 7/11/2018, Ranch Managers report the following: “…Per our MOU with Jefferson County, Panorama Park was mowed…” In 2018 Lapora seemed aware of other contractual conditions involving the Park Maintenance Agreement.

Ranch Manager Lapora is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Ranch and reports directly to the Board. The Ranch Policy & Procedure

Handbook states the Ranch Manager Shall:
“Manage and oversee ALL ACCOUNTING AND FINANCIAL operations in cooperation with the BOD Treasurer (Jerry Cooper).”
Further, Lapora is the key conduit regarding the flow of (accurate) information between the Board and Ranch departments along with supporting the Board involving legal issues-MOU’s.

Interestingly, at the 9/21/20, CRR/BOD Meeting, Lapora stated the Ranch is only responsible for toilets. She addressed half of the agreement



At the same 9/21 Board Meeting, Director/Treasure Jerry Cooper conveyed his lack of concern for the conditions at the Park. The condition/appearance of the Park may not be of interest to Cooper, however, the appearance or optics related to the accounting of the tax dollars supporting the Park should concern Cooper.



According to Ranch Policy, the Treasurer-COOPER, “Shall oversee the receipt and deposit of all monies of the Association in appropriate bank accounts, and he/she shall oversee the disbursements of all funds as directed by resolution of the Board of Directors…”


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