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8/21/22, 5:35 PM

Brief Report

Yesterday’s (8/20/22), meeting started about 9:00 AM and ended at 9:38 AM.

All Ranch Directors present with the exception of Richard Ebers.

CRR Fire Chief, Harry Ward in attendance.

President Bill Burt called the meeting to Order followed by a Moment of Silence and Flag Salute. No Invocation this year.

Burt followed the Agenda that included the approval of the 2021 Annual Meeting Minutes, Director Randy Peterson’s Treasurer’s Report, Burt’s President’s Message.


Burt’s report discussed the reasons why the proposed rodeo event was cancelled this year. According to his report, “An attempt was made to move the rodeo grounds to a new location on the south pasture. Due to some confusion on the requirements for permits, and the short amount of time until the rodeo, the decision was made to keep the rodeo at its previous location. Although all the reasons for moving the rodeo still existed at the old location, it was believed that we could mitigate enough of the problems to put on a decent rodeo.”

“However, due to the barrage of mis-leading posting on social media, we ultimately ended up cancelling the rodeo event all together. Our contracted rodeo promoter became unable to obtain his portion of the insurance coverage. His insurer was concerned that the actions of some social media followers could result in fraudulent claims. As a result, they declined to cover the event.”

LINK: We’ve posted several in-depth, well documented stories regarding Burt’s Rodeo and the process behind the event beginning on February 7, 2022.


Burt continued reading his Message that connected former Director/Treasurer, Jerry Cooper’s sudden resignation last March to a small group of members. “Director Jerry Cooper resigns- tired of the negativity and name calling of a small group of members.”


In our Special Report, “Serious Accusations” published on March 7, 2022, former Director Jerry Cooper suddenly announced his resignation at the beginning of the Board’s Work Session Meeting. Cooper stated, “Carl, before we start into that I would like to say a few words.”

Cooper: “I was voted into this Board almost 3 years ago. And in that time, I found I’ve made a lot of new relationships and met a lot of good people. The negative side of that, would be all the negative-negativity I have read about everyday or be told about…”

“There may be a small group of people that are doing it, but you know what, I AM SICK OF IT!”

“Let me give you an example of why I’m just-I’m to there. This past summer, I was ACCUSED of SEXUALLY HARASSING my back door neighbor. While we were having a conversation, I guess we were SPIED on and false accusations were made, because whoever did it, I’m sure I know who it is. Whoever made those accusations researched who the landowner of the property behind me and decided to say, hey form a complaint, send to our Administration Office-THAT’S THE KIND OF SHIT, THAT I’VE HAD TO DEAL WITH.”


We added the following COMMENTARY: “Former Director Cooper’s remarks are loaded with unsubstantiated accusations, unfounded implications and sly innuendos. Appears to be a PATTERN used by some former and current Board members and the Administration-We will be looking into it.”


On March 16, Ranch Matters (RM) emailed Ranch Manager Judy Lapora regarding Cooper’s complaint allegation. We specifically asked Lapora if a sexual harassment complaint had been submitted against Cooper. Lapora’s answer:

“No complaint was filed with the Administration office.”

Later, in in accordance with Oregon’s Public Records Law, we contacted the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office (JCSO) requesting any “Sexual Harassment complaints/incidents related to Jerry Cooper filed with JCSO in 2021?”

Sheriff’s Office response:.

“There are no logs of a complaint about Jerry Cooper.”


Burt proceeded to present plaques of appreciation for Board Members, Staff and Volunteers.

There was no Membership Input and next years Annual Meeting is scheduled for August 19, 2023.


After the meeting RM set up a Resolution Rebellion/Information and Petition station for interested members. Great turn out and learned there are many new and long time residents unaware that their rights on the Ranch are in jeopardy.


We also learned that there are some Directors and Members disseminating-intentionally, false information about RM based on malicious gossip and rumors.


While we were talking with a resident, John Kelley intentionally bumped into us and stated: “GET THE HELL OUT OF MY WAY.” Pat Kelley stuck out her tongue and called us “ASSHOLES.”

Pat Kelley is a member of the CC&R Committee and apparently feels emboldened to act out because neither Board or the Committee holds their members accountable.

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