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12/7/22, 3:30 PM


At last Monday’s (12/5/22), CRR/BOD WORK SESSION MEETING,

Matthew Stubbs from Cascade Professional Computing, attended the meeting via zoom and provided an explanation behind the website issue and options.

He explained the current hosting company Bluehost, has been hosting the Ranch website for “ages, years, something like that” and uses the FRAMEWORK-CONCRETE 5.


Matthew confirmed talking to Ranch Manager Judy Lapora “about two and a half years ago about the FRAMEWORK and that it needed to be updated-things kinda got put on the back burner, we knew CONCRETE 5 was getting old and had some issues…” Matt said the FRAMEWORK hasn’t been updated for quite some time and was recommending switching to another hosting service.


There was a lengthy discussion regarding abandoning Bluehost and moving the FRAMEWORK over to another hosting company, utilizing Word Press as their new platform and costs involved.

Lapora explained that she was unable to find help from anyone anywhere with the Ranch website issue and that “website development is not cheap.” She added that her boys do website development and could possibly provide an idea of the costs involved.

President Kari Vickery asked Matt about ETA’s and he said they might be able to have a test site up today-12/5 and by the end of the week the website up and running. He also confirmed the website went down on 11/25/22.

Lapora said, “My feeling, coming from me, who has to deal with all of this stuff, and take the flack-I want something we can get support for…”

“I’m not willing to support something that we have to go out and search for a technology, so we can fix it when it goes down.”

“I’m asking the Board right now-I’d like the Board to go ahead and give me permission to slide out of Bluehost into, what was that other one?” Matt responded, “GreenGeeks.”

VP Ara Erdekian weighed in, “Do you want to bounce the last check to Bluehost?”

There was some laughter and refund comments and Erdekian responded,

“Consider it an ASSHOLE tax and end the relationship.”

Lapora, “I’m so angry with them (Bluehost) it so unacceptable…”


The discussion switched over to the costs involved.

According to Lapora, $2,500-$4,000 will be needed to build a new website. Director Sarah Woolverton commented and said she thought that sounded high. Lapora repeated that both of her boys build websites and run code and some of the websites they have built cost three or five times the above amount.

President Vickery asked for a vote to approve moving the current website from Bluehost- Concrete 5 to the GreenGeek Framework. It was unanimously approved.


On 12/2/22, Ranch Matters published, “TECHNOLOGY ISSUES HAVE STRUCK CRR AGAIN” and reported that Lapora confirmed, Cascade Professional Computing owned by Matthew Stubbs handles all Ranch IT issues. She stated, “Matt is good at and one of the few that does work in CONCRETE 5. There aren’t a lot of people out there that know how to operate in that platform-CONCRETE 5.”

We also reported that we were familiar with Cascade Professional Computing and have published in the past stories related to Matt Stubbs and his company.

Checking with the Oregon Secretary of State-Corporation Division, again, revealed that Cascade Professional Computing, LLC, was Dissolved Administratively on 12-03-20.

Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 648.007 (1) STATES: “No person shall carry on, conduct or transact business under an assumed business name in a county where the business is located, where a physical facility of the business is located or where an employee of the business stationed, unless that person has registered the assumed business name as provided.”

We also checked with the City of Redmond-Business Licensing Division and was told they have no record on file related to Cascade Professional Computing or under Matthew Stubbs personal name.

None of the Directors or Lapora at Monday’s meeting discussed Matthew Stubbs business status. If Oregon states, “No person shall carry on, conduct or transact business…” how is it that Stubbs can provide sensitive IT matters for the Ranch homeowners? Has he been properly vetted? Is he bonded and insured?

As far back as 2013, Manager Judy Lapora was commissioned with ensuring that all key critical records and IT systems are operational and secured.

Ranch Matters Staff

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