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9/23/20, 6:38 PM


At Monday night’s (9/21/20) Crooked River Ranch (CRR) Board of Directors meeting, there was a lively discussion between Ranch resident Carol Orr, Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora, Board President, Carl Harbour and Ranch Director/Treasurer, Jerry Cooper about the “nasty” and unsafe conditions at Panorama Park.

Orr convened her concerns, asked questions and reminded the Board that the County pays a monthly amount of money to the Ranch to maintain the Park. Lapora said, “This is County property here, this is their Park.” Orr emphasized you’re being paid to maintain the Park.

According to Lapora, any monies from the County is just for cleaning the bathrooms. She stated, “We get that (money), just to clean the restrooms and maintain the restrooms.”

Harbour weighed in and asked Orr if she had contacted Jefferson County, reiterating Lapora’s statement that the Park belongs to Jefferson County.

Cooper didn’t defer the matter to Jefferson County because he didn’t see a problem.

Both Lapora and Harbour suggested organizing a group of volunteers to take care of the problem and asked Orr if she would help “pull a volunteer group together” and Orr immediately said “NO.”

Yesterday, Ranch Matters posted a story titled TWO PLAYGROUNDS, regarding conditions at Panorama Park. The report dealt with our investigation that included an inspection of the Park along with photographs that confirmed Orr’s concerns.

Today, we attended the Jefferson County Board Of Commissioner’s Meeting and one of the topics included Panorama Park.

During the CITIZENS COMMENTS SESSION, Ranch resident, Carol Orr, following Ranch President Carl Harbour’s suggestion, called in and conveyed her concerns and asked for help.


Ranch Matters asked the Commission several questions related to Panorama Park and confirmed the following:

The County (Tax Payers) reimburses the Ranch $399.00 per month for maintaining the Park pursuant to a 2010 MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING (MOU) between Jefferson County and CRR.
The MOU negotiated in 2010 is still in force and there are no other working agreements.

County Administrator, Jeff Rasmussen provided us with a copy of the agreement and we showed it to Commission Chair Simmelink during a quick break.

We reviewed with Simmelink the Terms/Conditions of the MOU agreed upon by the parties. Specifically, Point 2, Subsection A and B. Restroom Cleaning is addressed in Subsection A and Grounds is addressed in Subsection B and it states: “Remove trash and replace bags; pick up and remove any debris; visually inspect play area and grounds for any safety hazards; perform minor maintenance that may be required, mow as needed.”

Simmelink stated that he will review the agreement with County Counsel, investigate further Orr’s concerns and if necessary modify or amend the MOU in any and all areas required, including weed abatement/control issues. He added, part of his investigation might include requesting documents-service logs and or itemized accounting records from the Ranch to ensure tax payers funds are properly accounted for.
While discussing the above with Commissioner Simmelink we received the latest unitemized Invoice, dated 9/01/20, from CRR in the amount of $399.00 with the description: “Miscellaneous Income-Clean Panorama Park.”

After the meeting Orr contacted us and stated in part, “If the Jefferson County will not hold Judy Lapora and the Board accountable then the next step is to contact the state. This would be totally avoidable, if the CRR Board of Directors, and Manager would cooperate.”

Orr added, “…Why won’t the Board and or Judy L cooperate? Something does not seem right? According to Judy Lapora, the contract with Jefferson County is cleaning of toilets. Not true. Please read contract carefully.”

Lastly, Orr said, “I might add, if you listen to Carl (Ranch President Carl Harbour) in the Snippets from Monday night’s meeting, he does tell me to go to Jefferson County. Watch what you ask for Carl.”

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