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2/25/21, 1:50 PM


CRR President Carl Harbour, Feb 2021 Telegraph

In the current edition of the Ranch Telegraph, Carl Harbour wrote an article complaining about the treatment of his board. He starts off stating, “Every so often, you can hear someone say ‘the Board has to go, or the Board is corrupt.” Much of his consternation links to social media platforms where he concludes only fact-less opinions are published.

Later in his article, he provides a quick tutorial on the boards makeup and responsibilities. According to Harbour, “…we have a nine person board, with each Director holding 1/9th of the total decision making responsibility of the Board. No one Director, regardless of their assignment can act alone.”



On 6/10/20, we published a report titled, “$HIT $TORM” regarding the Ranch RV Park’s “ILLEGAL” Dump Stations located in Section D. We reported that a DEQ investigator told us: “DUMP STATIONS IN SECTIONS D WERE NOT APPROVED AS PART OF THE PLAN.” He added, “If they (CRR) are installing, a dump station out there without DEQ approval, they are doing so ILLEGALLY and risk civil penalty assessments.” The investigator asked, “DID THE BOD APPROVE IT AND WHO HANDLED THE CONSTRUCTION?”


Our 6/10 story included an interview with former Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart,

where he addressed the RV Park Dump Stations in Section D.

According Swigart, the septic systems were not designed or certified for RV Dump Stations and he conveyed that to Carl Harbour.

Swigart stated, “… I protested the project from the very beginning, I knew it wasn’t allowed, Ranch President, Carl Harbour knew it wasn’t allowed, but he (Harbour) apparently disregarded my advice and proceeded anyway.”

Swigart added, “I knew there would be potentially long and short term consequences, including financial consequences and was worried the Ranch would shift the blame on to me like they have done with other projects.”

The story was updated on 6/16/20, with the inclusion of a “WARNING LETTER…” from the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

DEQ’s Warning Letter was appropriately addressed to Ranch President Carl Harbour and stated in part, “Based on my investigation (DEQ’s Investigation) I have concluded that Crooked River Ranch Club & Maintenance Association is responsible for the following violations of Oregon environmental law.”


(1) Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) 468B.025 (2) Prohibited activities. No person shall violate

the conditions of any waste discharge permit. This is a Class ll Violation.”

In a later story, we posted that DEQ confirmed that Ranch Officials notified them of their intent to remove the illegal dump stations. An engineering firm also was employed and at what cost to the Association?

We again, reached out to Steve Swigart for a comment. He stated, “This is all Carl (President Harbour), all the way.” “Harbour used his power and authority to direct Ranch personnel to do something he knew was illegal and spent HOA Members money for his (Harbour’s) high priority project.” Lastly, Swigart said, “The residents are stuck with the bill.”


President Harbour affirms he is only “1/9 “ of the Board and no Director can act alone. Did Harbour act alone or were all of the Directors involved in this illegal construction project?

Harbour’s article expressed concerns associated with opinions not supported by facts. He said, “It is a lot like reading posts on social media sites that get formed by listening to others who don’t really know the complete facts.” Harbour’s OPINION.

Interestingly, the OATH OF OFFICE all Ranch Directors take states in part, “I will attempt to understand and represent the needs of ALL THOSE WE SERVE (emphasis added), not just a particular geographical area or special interest group, and base my judgments and decisions with INTEGRITY and in the best interest of the Association.”

That’s the FACTS

Ranch Matters Staff

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