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9/28/19, 5:33 PM

Panorama Park-UpDate


On September 10, 2019, Ranch Matters, received a copy of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Crooked River Ranch and Jefferson County and posted a story, MEMO TO THE RANCH, regarding whose responsible for the maintenance at Panorama Park.


Thereafter, Ranch Board President Carl Harbour wrote a letter to Jefferson County, seeking their support in maintaining the park. Harbour’s letter opened with “We need your help maintaining and improving Panorama Park.”

At the September 25, 2019, Jefferson County Commissioners meeting held on the Ranch,

Resident Jill Harris was given an opportunity to speak regarding Panorama Park and the need for Jefferson County to step up and assist in the maintenance, stating, “even basic maintenance, I believe, is being neglected.”

Unfortunately, what Harris and others are not mentioning, is that Jefferson County is currently paying Crooked River Ranch “$334.00 per month as a monthly maintenance fee.” “On December 1, of each year, the monthly maintenance fee will increase 2%.” (Agreement/MOU Attached)

In the Memo of Understanding, it clearly outlines what CRR is to do to maintain the park.

“The Association will provide cleaning supplies and paper products and will perform the maintenance work at Panorama Park as follows:

A. Restroom Cleaning. Clean and disinfect all toilets, sinks and fixtures; sweep or wash down and disinfect floors; remove trash and replace bags; clean mirrors; refill toilet paper; clean entryways of debris; disinfect stall walls.

B. Grounds. Remove trash and replace bags, pick up and remove any debris; visually inspect play area and grounds for safety hazards; perform any minor maintenance that may be required; mow as needed.

“Nothing in this Memorandum requires the Association to replace or repair items or fixtures damaged by acts of vandalism.”

Yesterday, Ranch Matters sat down with Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins and asked him for his thoughts about criminal activity at Panorama Park. Adkins stated he will research the number of reports associated with acts of vandalism and theft at the Park. He added, his Office is limited on what they can do, but will “make sure the park is part of the patrol” when deputies are on the Ranch. Adkins further said, resident participation is paramount and “residents need to be more aware and if they see something take a picture, get a plate number and report it.” Lastly, Adkins thinks the installation of some surveillance cameras might help deter criminal activity, as well as potentially capture criminal acts.

Ranch Matters also spoke with County Administrator, Jeff Rasmussen yesterday, regarding the Memorandum of Understanding, the monthly payments to the Ranch Association and why he and or the Commissioners failed to mention the MOU at the Commissioners meeting on the Ranch. Rasmussen responded that “No one brought it up at the meeting.”

Rasmussen added that he is “Planning on meeting with HOA/Judy Lapora to discuss the MOU on Panorama Park.”

We asked Rasmussen about the payments being made to CRR, he referred us to Brandie McNamee, Finance Director/Treasurer for Jefferson County.

We spoke to McNamee and she provided us with copies (raw data) of the spreadsheets reflecting invoicing over the years between Jefferson County and CRR as it relates to Panorama Park and other transactions. (Spreadsheets Attached)

Ranch Matters has not analyzed the information on the spreadsheets, just posting for public consumption. Are there any bean counters?

Taxpayer monies are being paid to CRR for the maintenance of Panorama Park, why is the park, as Jill Harris stated, being “neglected”?

Ranch Matters Staff

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