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5/5/21, 3:00 PM



“The FACTS you may have heard of Joe Friday, you may not. He’s famous for his attention to the facts.

The facts, that’s what we have to stick to in order to figure out what’s really going on with a particular situation.

Except, different people notice different facts. The real evidence is what comes through when facts are consistent from one moment to the next, from one person’s observation to the next. When facts come as numbers and data, they don’t lie. People, however, do lie, sometimes only to themselves. That’s the secret of character point of view. We see what we see, but that might not be very thing.”

Joe Friday’s attention to details and his ability to expose the lies while presenting “JUST THE FACTS” is legendary.

JUST THE FACTS, catch phrase and the controversial Panorama Park MOU has been the subject of several Ranch Matters stories. The problem has been separating facts from fiction and reporting on how Ranch Manager Judy Lapora neglected the Terms and Conditions of the old 2010 MOU while billing the taxpayers for services (not) performed.


The Park has been neglected for several years and when exposed, Lapora played fast and loose with the facts-the TRUTH.

A week ago today (4/28/21), the Jefferson County Commissioners finalized and signed off on the new MOU. Lapora’s lie, became the reality and the new MOU reflects it. Copy of new MOU attached

We have repeatedly stated, Lapora’s alleged failure to perform CRR duties/responsibilities in accordance with the former MOU is a serious breach of the agreement and public trust.


At the September 2020 CRR/BOD Meeting, Ranch resident Carol Orr complained about the condition of the Park. Lapora said that Jefferson County (taxpayers) pays the Ranch $400.00/month for cleaning toilets. Lapora stated: “We get that ($400.00) just to clean the restrooms, and maintain the restrooms.” Not one Board Member addressed Lapora’s false statement.

NOT TRUE and Lapora knew that was NOT TRUE!

Lapora knew the MOU also included: “Grounds-Remove trash and replace bags; pick up and remove debris; visually inspect play area and grounds for safety hazards, perform any minor maintenance that may be required and MOW as needed.” For years the agreement was in breach, Lapora nevertheless, submitted her monthly invoice for taxpayers money knowing full well she was cheating the Jefferson County Taxpayers for services NOT PERFORMED.  In a November 2017 CRR/BOD Meeting, Ranch resident Jan Cook, complained about the neglected condition of the Park’s restrooms. Ms. Cook stated the restrooms were a “MESS, FILTHY” and Ms. Cook stated she had given Lapora a copy of the MOU in 2015.

As earlier as 2012, Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor Mike Knoke reported to Lapora on areas of responsibility that included more than just cleaning restrooms. Knoke’s Maintenance report stated, “Areas at Panorama Park mowed and weeds were removed.”

Additionally, Panorama Park has been designated a “Safe Zone” thus requiring constant monitoring and upkeep that included mowing as necessary.

In July of 2020, former Ranch Director Mark Schneider reported that he had been asked by several residents who live around the pasture, next to Panorama Park about weeds and grass. He stated, “The area has not been mowed in many years and is in desperate need.”

Recently, while the new MOU was being discussed, Lapora stated, “They (Jefferson County) have decided to take on the vegetation management. They will be doing the tree trimming, mowing and weed control, which is good because it really put a strain on our General Maintenance Team.”


Lapora’s comment begs the question, what strain is she talking about? The vegetation management condition cited in the old MOU was for all intents and purposes, ignored by Lapora along with the restrooms.


Speaking of strain, how many unaccountable hours were wasted on the multi-year Bocce Ball Court fiasco and the illegal RV Dump Station Project, still pending?


Ranch Matters Staff

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