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3/26/23, 4:57 PM




The SRD has scheduled a “SPECIAL MEETING” to REVIEW & APPROVE the Asphalt/Concrete Apron Project submitted to the Jefferson County Board of Commissioner’s by SRD Chair Sue Haley.


The purpose of tomorrow’s Special Meeting is to address an oversight on their part regarding not formally voting to proceed with the apron project prior to submitting it to the County Commission.




Ranch resident Dale Wiley keeps an eye on things and noticed there was no formal record that the SRD Board voted to approve the Apron Bid Project. He emailed the SRD and Commissioner House confirmed they never formally voted on the matter. House: “No, we were supportive of the endeavor but never formally voted to move ahead on the apron bid package.”


FULL DISCLOSURE: Wiley has thrown his hat in the ring and is running for SRD Position # 1.




Jefferson County Public Works Director, Matt Powlison reported to the Jefferson County Board of Commissioners on February 1, 2023, regarding a SDC Funding Request submitted to him via Special Road District (SRD) Chair Sue Haley.


As earlier reported, Powlison’s presentation included two separate project requests from Haley.


The first request dealt with the installation of asphalt aprons. Powlison: “A couple of months ago, Sue Haley, she’s the chair of the Special Road District, came to me and said she’s been working on a project-there, to install asphalt aprons on quite a few County roads and SRD roads. She’s put together a bid package and requested to use SDC (System Development Charge) funds. So talking to Jeff (County Administrator Jeff Rasmussen), he said this is the first place to start. Talk to the Board (County Commission) about the use of SDC funds and specifically this project. She (Haley) came to me with ANOTHER PROJECT.”

Powlison confirmed that Haley was seeking $191,000 of SDC funds for her apron project.




Sue Haley’s second project request involved moving the utility-water vault and widening Sundown Canyon Road with an estimated cost of $469,000.

Powlison: “She (Haley) contacted me last month about a utility-water vault on Sundown Canyon Road that is in the roadway itself and the SRD wants to widen that road for safety.

So the Water Department did kinda of an Engineering Study of what it would take to move the vault and then came up with an estimate-so this is the SECOND PROJECT that they would like funds for.”

“It has an estimate of $469,000 and they’re going to split it three ways-with the SRD, with the Homeowners Association and the Water Utility-Water Department…”

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At the SRD’s February 8 meeting, Haley provided a very brief update regarding the acquisition of SDC funds for the Apron Project. She stated: “We’re trying to seek funding for SDC funds. Matt Powlison presented that at the last Commissioners meeting at the County.”

Interestingly, Haley failed to mention that she had made two separate SDC funding requests that were pitched by Powlison at the same meeting.


Again, PROJECT # 1, Apron Project- $191,000 and PROJECT # 2, $469,000 to move the Water Vault.


The Public Comment portion at the meeting proved to be both lively and revealing. Haley admitted not talking with her colleagues on the SRD Commission before submitting the second SDC funds request to move the Water Vault.

However, she did confirm talking with the HOA. She stated:

“I just sat in Judy’s office, with a couple of people, Jordan and Kari Vickery-just happened to be there and said this is what I’M proposing and I want to see if we can get the County and the HOA on board with it.”


SRD Commissioner Ann House confirmed that Haley’s second project request for SDC funds to move the Water Vault was never discussed or voted on by the SRD Commissioners.


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The SRD held a “Special Meeting” on March 14 for the stated purpose: “A BOD Special Meeting has been scheduled for Wednesday March 15 at 11:00 AM. The subject matter will be the SRD’s request for approval the SRD BOD to request SDC funds be allocated to the SRD for building aprons on 28 gravel roads that intersect with County paved roads.”

Haley: “It was suggested at the last County Commissioners meeting that we seek the HOA Board approval and to that end, Kari Vickery and I and with the help of Judy Lapora composed a letter that we would like to send the County Commissioners…”

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After reading aloud the subject letter, the SRD Commission voted only to approve signing and sending the letter to the HOA Board and to the County. They did not formally vote to approve submitting the apron bid package to the County.




As expected the Ranch Board of Directors rubber stamped the letter at their March 15 Special Meeting and it was sent off to the County.



published 3/15/23


The County Commission voted to approve Haley’s Apron request at their March 22 meeting. They unanimously approved spending $195,000 for her Apron Project. However, the actual SDC expenditure for the Ranch is $165,000 due to the County Road Fund chipping in $30,000.


As stated above, the SRD Board failed to formally approve the Apron Project and Ranch Matters reached out to County Chair Kelly Simmelink.


Simmelink told us he needs more information and needs to consult with County Counsel before commenting.

Haley’s Water Vault project evaporated after being exposed and to a certain extent reflects negatively on her leadership skills and lack of transparency. Failing to secure a required vote of approval for the apron project further confirms there’s not only a possible disconnect with her colleagues, but more importantly, the taxpayers.





John Stevens & Dave Stangland

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