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7/10/20, 4:53 PM


On June 10th, Ranch Matters published a report titled, “$HIT $TORM” regarding an interview with former Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart.

Swigart explained he had many responsibilities as the Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor and shared some of his thoughts, experiences and concerns.

The report covered Swigart’s concerns about the RV Park Septic Systems and the recently added Dump Stations. He stated,

“I want everyone to know, I protested the project from the very beginning, I knew it wasn’t allowed, Ranch President, Carl Harbour knew it wasn’t allowed, but he (Harbour) apparently disregarded my advice and proceeded anyway.”

After last Monday’s, (7/06/20) CRR/BOD MEETING, Swigart contacted Ranch Matters about the manner in which Harbour and the Board dealt with the Dump Stations construction issues and the lack of a permit. Swigart wanted to clarify and add to his previous statements regarding his “non-involvement in Carl Harbour’s Dump Stations.” Swigart stressed, the construction of the illegal Dump Stations occurred after his termination and not on his watch.



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