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01/04/2022, 11:17 AM





If you own property on Crooked River Ranch (CRR), you recently received a DUES (Ranch TAX) bill.

If you own property in Jefferson County, you recently received a Tax bill.


Jefferson County makes available to the taxpaying public their employee compensation salaries. Whether you agree or disagree with County business, at least you know what you’re paying for.

Ranch Matters obtained from Jefferson County their 2020-2021 EMPLOYEE COMPENSATION REPORT that outlines individual salaries for County employees.

County Administrator Jeff Rasmussen briefly explained the Compensation Process. According to Mr. Rasmussen, Jefferson County has “5 employee groups” that include: Service Workers Union, Public Works Union, FOPPO (Adult Probation Officers) Union, Law Enforcement Union and Non-Represented (non-union).


Rasmussen added: “Each job is assigned a ‘salary grade’ by union agreement. The County has a Matrix that the salary grade is paid. Each employee group has a separate matrix. Each ‘salary grade’ has 10 ‘steps’ that are 2.0% apart.”



*County Clerk-$5,558.02

*Commissioner-$2,918.01 to $3,120.81 *Human Resource Manager-$6,878.22 *

*Road Administration Director-$8,470.32 *Public Works Supervisor-$5,987.34 *Maintenance Worker 1-$3,601.80 *

*Weed Program Coordinator-$4,139.46 *Public Health Director-$9,060.18

*County Sheriff-$8,008.12

*County Counsel-$10,655.76

*County Administrator-$11,306.52

*County Code Enforcement-$3,868.02


CRR DOES NOT make available to the Ranch Property Owners their Employee Compensation Information and according to Ranch Manager Judy Lapora,


We obtained via an Oregon Department of Justice Order, an email authored by Manager Lapora, dated April 23, 2020 and marked CONFIDENTIAL, where she said that the Ranch staff doesn’t work for the homeowners/members. She stated: “One, none of our staff ‘work for them’ or any other Association member…”

According to Lapora’s logic, Ranch Employees/Staff don’t work for the members that pay their salaries and wages?

Think about that when sending in your Dues Payments and remember, it’s


Ranch Matters

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