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9/21/23, 11:19 AM


Brief Report

Last Monday’s (9/18/23) Regular Board Meeting started at 6:00 PM and ended at 7:50 PM. There was no Executive Session.


The following Ranch Directors in attendance: President Kari Vickery via zoom, VP Bob Beveridge, Secretary Mike Dries, Treasurer Kelly Davis, Julia Randall, Sheryl Jones and Ara Erdekian.

Directors Sarah Woolverton and Mike Carey were absent.




*Director Ara Erdekian discussed raising the Title Transfer Fee from $180.00 to $500.00. Erdekian indicated he’s not married to the $500 amount, but believes raising the Title Fee amount could off set having to increase dues.


According to Ranch Administration, Tile Transfer Fee documentation-information, is incorporated in the “FEE SCHEDULE LIST” utilized by the Board of Directors. The 2024 Fee Schedule List currently reflects the $180.00 amount.


*Ranch resident Ben Johnson, speaking on behalf of the Ranch Enhancement Projects Committee, pitched purchasing four benches for the Cascade East Transit (CET) bus stops on the Ranch.

Johnson: “It makes an awful lot of sense I believe. It’s not overly expensive. Hopefully, it might engender a little bit more ridership…”

Estimated cost for the benches: $2,200.00 not including installation.

Estimated installation cost: $2,000.00 to $2,500.00.


The Ranch Enhancement Fund currently has about $8,700.00 to work with.


Manager Judy Lapora suggested: “Maybe we could, if the Board decides to approve the benches, maybe we could approve the benches with a stipend to go forward toward installing them…”


As the discussion continued, Manager Lapora revealed that CET might cancel service on the Ranch. Lapora: “I have been approached by CET, that if ridership doesn’t improve they may cancel…” Lapora confirmed under questioning that CET hadn’t provided her with any specifics, but did say: “They’re trying to get this up and running…”


Lapora and the Board further discussed ways to improve ridership and being more proactive.

President Kari Vickery stated: “If I’m looking at this as CET thinking about reducing the resource that they provide for the Ranch, I have a hard time swallowing spending $2,200.00 on benches, plus another $2,000.00 or $2,500.00 on securing those benches, if they’re going to remove that service from the Ranch.

We need more information from CET before I think, moving forward with the bench installation.”

Vickery: “I vote we table voting on purchasing these benches until we have more information from CET.”




Ranch Matters contacted Eric Lint, “Project & Strategy Manager” for CET for more information.


According to Mr. Lint, Ranch ridership issues are currently being evaluated and confirmed adjustments will be made based on the ridership evaluation process. He further stated there are no immediate changes planned.


Lint added, CET is planning on launching an “aggressive marketing outreach program to better get the word out.”

Lint addressed staffing issues as another matter that can impact CET services. They need drivers and are actively recruiting.


*During the Public Input portion, Budget Audit Committee (BAC) Chairman Herb Parker commented on efforts and decisions made by the BAC Committee earlier this year during his public presentation.

He voiced his dissatisfaction with the Board’s decision to override the Committee’s recommendation regarding dues.

The BAC recommended increasing the dues to $46.00 and Parker was upset that the Board disregarded said recommendation and increased the dues to $50.00.

Parker: “This is the first time that a BAC recommendation has been changed by the Board, after a BAC recommendation. First time a BAC recommendation of a HOA due increase has been changed in my 15 years of being on this Committee.”

“So why bring this up? Maybe it’s time to get the Board more involved in the HOA fees earlier in the BAC process and take that function away from the BAC. Instead of doing an end run after the public presentation-this is a slap on all of you.”

“I thought this put a black eye on the BAC and obviously I was offended personally by this issue…”

“One of the big proponents of raising the dues was Ara, who just now, got done saying, I don’t want to raise dues, but, here we are. Thanks for listening.”




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