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8/12/22, 2:50 PM


Last night (8/11/22), the Jefferson County Planning Commission held not one, but two back-to-back hearings, regarding the McPherson’s family proposal to build 54 residential lots on Crooked River Ranch, designated as Phase 17.

There was some confusion related to the hearings and in a nut shell, the first hearing dealt with the re-zoning aspect and the second related to the actual subdivision.



Jefferson County Community Director, Scott Edelman told Ranch Matters that the zoning change was significant because if for any reason the proposed property failed to be re-zoned the second subdivision proposal wouldn’t be necessary.

Edelman confirmed that both proposals have been recommended for approval by the Planning Department Staff and the project is now in the hands of the Planning Commissioners.

Edelman further confirmed there has been no official comments or communication from the Ranch Board of Directors.


McPherson’s property was described as an island within Crooked River Ranch that requires some yet to be determined process to become a part of the Homeowners Association (HOA).

Video of Opening Statements



Who has the authority to incorporate the proposed subdivision into the HOA? Is it the CRR Board of Directors decision or will the Association Homeowners have a say-a vote?



Interestingly, as the hearing started, the Commission Chair asked: “Do any Commissioners have a conflict of interest?” “None.” “Do any Commissioners have ex parte contact?” Commissioner Michelle Parcel answered “yes” and was asked to explain. Parcel stated:

“Last Friday night I was at a local eating establishment on the Ranch, I was contacted by a Crooked River Ranch Board Member. She three times tried to tell me what the Board’s position is on this hearing and I told her I cannot talk to her about it, I cannot discuss it…”

Later, RM asked Commissioner Parcel for the name of the Ranch Director that offered the Board’s position regarding said subdivision proposal. Parcel identified Ranch Director/ Secretary and realtor Julia Randall as the ex parte subject. Parcel added that even after telling Randall she couldn’t discuss the matter, Randall slipped her business card to Parcel and said: “If you want to talk later, call me.”


The Commissioners heard testimony from from the applicant’s attorney and supporters which included a slide presentation. They also heard from some concerned Ranch residents during public commenting.

The Planning Commission voted to continue the hearing process on September 8, 2022, to be held on the Ranch.

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