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8/5/22, 4:04 PM


REMINDER… “In many cases, conditions and activities which could impact negatively on the rights and welfare of Crooked River Ranch property owners and other Ranch residents are regulated by state and federal statutes, and by the codes of Deschutes and Jefferson Counties. The Crooked River Ranch Club & Maintenance Association DOES NOT HAVE THE AUTHORITY TO ENFORCE THESE STATUTES AND CODES but would support higher authority in their enforcement efforts for the benefit of the Ranch Community.”

CRR Policy & Procedure Handbook, Rev. 3/15/21


At the June 20, 2022, Regular Board Meeting, the Crooked River Ranch Board of Directors unanimously voted to impose three new retaliatory/punitive resolutions further restricting homeowners rights. Resolutions 2022-06-20 A, B & C.

Email Communication Policy





Are these specious Resolutions part of a PATTERN being used as tools to silence Ranch residents?


At last Monday’s (8/1/22), Work Session Meeting, the Board held Court-Kangaroo Court regarding Resolution 2022-06-20-B that included accusations against Ranch Director Richard Ebers and resident Carol Orr’s conduct at the July 18th Regular Board Meeting.


Ebers was allowed to comment, but Orr was denied an opportunity to defend herself.


The Directors made no attempt to consider any relevant information/evidence before rendering their final ruling resulting in a $250.00 FINE against Ebers and Orr.

The accused/convicted have until August 15th to file their appeals to the same Kangaroo Court.

Check back for follow-up reports.

Ranch Matters Staff

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