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6/25/20, 6:16 PM

“A list of persons or programs to be opposed or eliminated”

“A list of those targeted for special attention or treatment” (Merriam Webster)

There is a “HIT LIST or BAD GUY LIST” maintained by Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora that contains at least 10 Association Members-Stevens and Stangland are at the top. Also mentioned, former Ranch Director, Carol Orr.

(Former Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart.)

Ranch Matters posted a report titled, “SPIES LIKE US” earlier this month where Swigart stated he was made aware of the Hit List in Lapora’s office right after being hired in March of 2017.

Last week, in a follow-up interview with Swigart, he provided a video interview where he further explains the HIT LIST matter along with other disturbing issues.

We ended the story with a question: “WHO ELSE IS ON THE LIST & HOW IS IT USED?”

The “WHO ELSE” is still an open question, but we have figured, to some extent, the “HOW IS IT USED?”

On January 10, 2020, Carol Orr met privately with Burt and Ranch Director, Judy Gilliland for two hours. According to Orr, the meeting dealt in part with Orr’s concerns regarding an evidentiary video clip sent to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office by Ranch Director, Mark Schneider, that included Orr along with Stangland and Stevens. At that same meeting, Orr voiced her concerns about comments/threats made against her from Schneider and asked Burt for some “guidelines.” Burt responded-THREATENED: “The next time you break the 3 minute rule, the Sheriff will be called, you will be Removed, Arrested and END UP IN JAIL.”

See posts titled: “END UP IN JAIL” & “TRIP TO JAIL” for additional details.

Ranch Matters received a PRESS RELEASE dated January 15, 2020, from Ranch business owner and Association Member, Onya Remer. The RELEASE involved a forwarded email/ complaint addressed to Jefferson County Sheriff, Jim Adkins with the SUBJECT LINE: “CRR Board’s inappropriate behavior of invoking law enforcement against members.” The Remer’s email stated in part, “…We believe the Board is inappropriately invoking Jefferson County Law Enforcement to utilize against Crooked River Ranch property owners in bad faith, in their favor, on many instances.” The Remer’s complaint further stated, “We know about 6 possible incidences where the Crooked River Ranch Board has either threatened members of the Ranch with being arrested and taken to jail, and/or called upon the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Department to do surveillance on a member’s personal and business property based on a false police report.”
See post titled: PRESS RELEASE, dated 1/16/20 for further details

At the January 20, 2020, CRR/BOD Meeting, Burt accused Ranch Matters-Stangland and Stevens of “HATE SPEECH” and indicated a report had been filed with law enforcement. Immediately after the meeting, Burt approached Brenda Stevens and stated, “YOU JUST KEEP IT UP, AND YOU WILL SEE WHAT HAPPENS.”

At the next CRR/BOD Meeting on February 3, 2020, the Directors adjourned to Executive Session. Nothing new or unusual about that, except for one thing. Former Ranch President, Dave Palmer was “invited” to attend. Palmer is no longer a Director or Officer of the Association, but nevertheless was allowed to attend?

According to the Meeting Minutes: “President Harbour noted the purpose of the Executive Session was to discuss the 2016 Election Lawsuit.” “No action was taken.”


Ranch Matters recently learned, that on February 20, 2020, former Ranch President, Dave Palmer, submitted a COMPLAINT against John Stevens’ Private Investigators License with Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST).

According to DPSST there’s also a second COMPLAINT filed against Stevens, submitted by an unnamed COMPLAINANT on March 12, 2020. DPSST to date, has not released the name of the second COMPLAINANT, yet, for reasons of “Confidentiality.”

Thanks to VP Burt telegraphing His/Ranch Officials intentions, we have been able to reconstruct to some degree, what being targeted looks like.

Due to on-going investigations, we are unable to report any more details at this time.


Ranch Matters Staff