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*The following story (FOOL’S ERRAND) is based in part, on Complaints/Records recently received from the Oregon Department of Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) pursuant to an ORDER issued by the Oregon Department of Justice (DOJ). The DOJ’s ORDER was regarding complaints submitted in 2020 against Ranch Matters John Stevens’ private investigators license that were submitted by Ranch Officials and later dismissed by DPSST as “FALSE/UNFOUNDED.”

4/15/21, 4:31 PM


As published in yesterday’s story, “Bull SHEET”, we reported that former Ranch Director and current CC&R Chairman, Mark Schneider, submitted his complaint to the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) on March 8, 2020 against Ranch Matters John Stevens’ private investigators license.

Schneider’s complaint states, “John Stevens is continually harassing the Board of Directors at the Crooked River Ranch. He makes false claims…is dishonest and untruthful.”


PROBLEM. Schneider’s complaint lacks any evidence and he attempts to excuse his lack of evidence by blaming it on the Ranch “HACK.” He stated, “My apologies as we work to recover most of the lost information. But I believe we have enough here for you to make a decision on revoking John Stevens PI License.”

Schneider’s complaint was riddled with false information and actual intentional lies. It lacked any factual information or proof supporting his outrageous accusations. He was on Mission or more appropriately, a FOOL’S ERRAND to destroy Stevens’ professional reputation and “FORCE” Stevens to move off the Ranch.

Schneider’s complaint incorporated attachments that only could have been obtained via the Ranch Administration and or Board. The attachments will be covered in a later story.

Schneider’s colleague and Ranch President Carl Harbour in an October 21, 2020 article published in the Bend Bulletin opens with, “To a handful of loyal FOLLOWERS…”


Interestingly, we reported in an earlier story that Schneider submitted to DPSST in his March 8 complaint a list of “Ranch Matters FOLLOWERS.”



On October 13, 2020, Portland attorney, Duane Bosworth from the law firm, Davis Wright Tremaine, wrote Crooked River Ranch (CRR) President Carl Harbour on behalf of the nationally known, Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP).

Bosworth’s Letter ATTACHED

Bosworth’s letter conveyed RCFP’s concern about the “OBSTRUCTION and HARASSMENT” related to Ranch Matters John Stevens and Dave Stangland’s journalism by the Ranch Board.

Mr. Bosworth stated, “I understand that the Board has many times said that my clients are in essence wanna be journalists. Please inform the entire Board and anyone who offers this disparagement that Mr. Stevens has been a recipient of the Edward R. Morrow Award for Investigative Reporting, a recipient of the Associated Press Award for Investigative Reporting and a member of an Emmy Winning Investigative News Team.”

Bosworth’s letter pointed out “two examples of wrongful obstruction and harassment, among others.” His first example dealt with the April 20, 2020, “…outrageous attempt to have Mr. Stevens and Mr. Stangland arrested for trespass” while covering a story on the Ranch golf course related to vandalism. “Mr. Stevens and Mr. Stangland were placed on a trespass list within the Sheriff’s office.”

The above described trespass issue and list was not only reported to the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office, but additionally, it was recently learned, that Ranch Golf Course Superintendent, Richard Jensen, with the assistance of Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora submitted an “ADDENDUM” to Mark Schneider’s March 8 complaint to DPSST on April 24, 2020.

Bosworth’s second example covered “outrageous” complaints made to DPSST against John Stevens private investigators license. Bosworth wrote, “The DPSST has expressly stated the investigation was prompted by CRR: As you may know, this investigation is related to your involvement with the CRR Association.”

On October 12, 2020, all of the DPSST COMPLAINTS were dismissed as “FALSE and UNFOUNDED.”

As stated above, Harbour, in the Bend Bulletin article used the Bulletin as his weapon of choice to smear Ranch Matters while at the same time he connected the “nine-person board of directors” to his orchestrated smear campaign.

President Harbour not only ignored the Bosworth letter, but tells the Bulletin reporter, that we are “CONFLICTED and DISHONEST WANNABES, as well as, our reporting is DISHONEST.”

The reporter ends his story with Harbour saying, “The complaint against his (Stevens’) private investigators license in on-going.”

As an aside, on October 28, 2020, Ranch Matters Hand Delivered to President Carl Harbour, all Directors and Ranch Manager a DEMAND FOR RETRACTION LETTER-No Response.

Retraction Letter ATTACHED

Bosworth’s letter stated, “From all known facts the Board has fostered, endorsed, or perhaps in the rare case, known of but turned a wholly blind eye to wrongful actions against my clients.” Moreover, the Board has used GOVERNMENT ENTITIES, including the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and DPSST, as part of a PATTERN to attempt to silence RANCH MATTERS.

Mr. Bosworth concluded his letter stating, “In short, harassment and obstruction must immediately stop. Across the United States, RCFP has supported litigation filed to protect journalists. Again, all legal remedies will be considered if there are future wrongful actions.”

Ranch Matters Staff