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5/24/23, 2:16 PM


Kevin Fiet, a Ranch resident, attended the last Board of Directors meeting on May 15 and “heard some things that concerned him.” Fiet sat down with Ranch Matters and discussed his concerns in a short video interview.




Mr. Fiet: “Ranch resident Carol Orr got up for public input and read from an Investigative Report, authored by LGOP (Little Group of Patriots) leader, Jennie Anderson, I believe is her name, basically laying out some information about Board of Directors President Kari Vickery, Kara Burkhart and probably some other Ranch employees.

Basically Carol was questioning (President) Kari as to whether our not the statements in the LGOP’s Report were true and Kari said no they were not true and she had never spoken with Jennie Anderson at all.

Interestingly, also these very same people have been the ones to FINE resident Carol Orr in the past and now apparently there’s a LIEN against her property as well.

I used to be involved some, with the People’s Rights movement-I wasn’t part of the LGOP, but I was part of the greater Group…

They talked about the Constitution, Freedom of Speech, those kind of things and here we see this Board of Directors passing Resolutions that are effectively trying to silence anyone who doesn’t jump on their bandwagon and agree with everything they say and do.”


Fiet added: “It concerns me, firstly, that the People’s Rights Association would be in anyway in league with our Board of Directors, if that turns out to be the case which I guess we really don’t know because we’re getting conflicting information.

The language of these Resolutions, kinda brings out some concerns. However it’s in their style of writing and what not, that there could be some working together going on there.”


On a related note,

Fiet spoke with former Board President Bill Burt after the Board meeting about some of the accusations included in Jennie Anderson’s Investigative Report.


Feit: “I asked him (Burt), it was mentioned in her Report, something to do with residents physically threatening Board members and other Ranch staff…

I asked Bill if this information were actually true and he said

no it wasn’t,

that really the only thing that kind of threat at all, of any kind, was more of the aggressive style of reporting put on by the Ranch Matters Staff, apparently.”


This makes me wonder why these Resolutions were put in place because they are basically saying they need to curtail everyone’s Free Speech and the ability to even have an opinion, based on threats that the past President, who actually was the one who put these Resolutions through in the first place,  if I understand things correctly, was the one behind them in the first place and he’s telling us there were no real physical threats-sounds to me like they just didn’t like the news reporting and the fact that somebody might be reporting about them.”


“That begs the question, of Resolutions that were put in place maybe to curtail the press coverage which also seems to be a bit anti-constitutional.


“There is no evidence of any kind of harassment, no evidence of physical threats, no evidence of threats to people’s careers, so I guess I wonder why the Resolutions at all…

There are so many inconsistencies that I see and of course this is just my opinion, but I think if anybody who kinda follows this thing through, did a little research, if they were really open minded about it, might see some conflicts here that could use some investigating.

I personally would advocate for some kind of investigation be done in general and then also specific to this three page Investigative Report put on by the LGOP.”


Fiet is also concerned about privacy breaches and stated:

“I’m concerned about the possibility of breaching our personal private information. Some of that information in that Report, makes you kinda of wonder how that could have been obtained by the LGOP, except through someone on the Board of Directors of the Ranch or a Ranch staff member

It’s the fiduciary duty of the Board of Directors and the Ranch staff to protect our private personal information. Another reason for an investigation.”


Fiet signs off: “I think Jennie should respond to Kari Vickery, Board of Directors President. Kari in no uncertain terms said, no I have never spoken with Jennie Anderson before. Yet Jennie Anderson has quite a bit of information in her Investigative Report that would show otherwise.”

“A rebuttal would be in order.”


Mr. Fiet stressed the importance standing up for the weak and the elderly population trying to survive on low fixed incomes.


He doesn’t like the Board of Directors using intimidation and fines as a tool to silent opposing voices and is disturbed by the People’s Rights/PRO5’s role in this fiasco on the Ranch. He said their supposed to “Fight for Freedom” and issued wrist bands reminding people the importance of standing up, uniting and fighting for freedom.



Fiet: “On the surface, this sounds great as I am very pro-constitution/limited government and helping people who need help.”


“Recent events here at CRR leave me wondering if they really walk the walk or if they just talk the talk.  The Homeowners Association Board of Directors (BOD) are out of control doing what they want, whenever they want, and you better get in line or else.”


According to Fiet, the PRO5 leadership and the LGOP based on CRR had a perfect opportunity to do the right thing and didn’t.

Fiet: “Their actions are the antithesis of what PRO5 is supposed to stand for.”


Fiet: “I’ve lost trust in the Board, lost trust in what PRO5 stands for and having to deal with all of the lies”





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