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CRR SUED-UpDate 9-30-21

9/30/21, 2:22 PM



On July 13, 2021, Ranch Matters published report titled, “I AM GOING TO KICK HER ASS, I AM GOING TO KILL HER” regarding a lawsuit filed against Crooked River Ranch Club & Maintenance Association by Ranch member Lisa Andrews on June 9, 2021. Ms. Andrews attorney’s lawsuit alleges: “Negligent Breach of Confidentiality; Breach of Confidentiality” and he’s seeking about a million bucks.


In a nutshell, the plaintiff and her partner, Ian Kurtz, were allegedly have having some issues with one of their neighbors and filed a CC&R complaint on June 29, 2020. According to the to Ms. Andrews lawsuit: “Ms. Andrews was assured that contact information would remain confidential and that neither she nor Mr. Kurtz would have to testify in any manner.” The lawsuit involves the CC&R complaint process and in particular the Associations duty to maintain confidentiality when a CC&R complaint is filed.


Further, Ms. Andrews lawsuit alleges: “On July 1st, 2020, the neighbor to whom Ms. Andrews’ and Mr. Kurtz’s complaint was directed, the domestic partner of Mr. Kelly Davis, came to Ms. Andrews’ door while Mr. Kurtz was at work. The neighbor was screaming and yelling, cursing, threatening, and banging on Ms. Andrews’ and Mr. Kurtz’s front door while trying to open it. Ms. Andrews heard the neighbor screaming ’I am going to kick her ass. I am going to kill her.’ The neighbor was also joined by another person, presumably Mr. Davis. Ms. Andrews did not answer the door out of shear fear, panic, terror and the fear of the threatening woman breaking into her house. The yelling and banging on Ms. Andrews’ door persisted for approximately 10 minutes.”





As stated above, the lawsuit was filed against the Ranch Association on June 9, 2021 and the attorney for the Association/Defendant’s, filed their Answer on August 27, 2021. The “DEFENDANT’S ANSWERS AND AFFIRMATIVE DEFENSES” admits CC&R complainants identities are confidential pursuant to policy.


The Ranch further admitted that they “ACCIDENTALLY” called Kelly Davis. “Crooked River Ranch admits that a volunteer member of the Crooked River Ranch’s CC&R review committee accidentally called Mr. Davis while intending to call plaintiff to follow up on plaintiff’s aforementioned CC&R complaints, At the start of the call, she asked if she was speaking to Mr. Andrews. After Mr. Davis asked what the call was in regard to, the member replied that it was related to a complaint. When Mr. Davis then informed the committee member that he was Kelly Davis, the member apologized and immediately hung up the phone.”




The Ranch Association admits in essence their guilt. They claim it was was just an accident, so what do they do, they pass the BUCK, in this case about a million bucks and filed a THIRD- PARTY LAWSUIT against Kelly Davis and Jane Doe on September 1, 2021.


The Ranch Association denies any liability, including financial liability while shifting the blame- pointing their finger (Middle Finger), at Mr. Davis.



Ranch Matters Staff

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