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CRR SUED-UpDate 10-1-21

10-1-21   4:28pm





In yesterday’s (9/30/21), story, “SHIFTING THE BLAME”, Part 1, we reported that Ranch resident Lisa Andrews filed a lawsuit against the Crooked River Ranch Association on June 9, 2021.

Her lawsuit involves the CC&R complaint process and in particular the Associations duty to maintain confidentiality when a CC&R complaint is filed. Ms. Andrews attorney’s lawsuit alleges: “Negligent Breach of Confidentiality; Breach of Confidentiality” and he’s seeking about a million bucks.

Ms. Andrews and her partner, Ian Kurtz, were allegedly having some issues with their neighbor, Kelly Davis and filed a CC&R complaint against him on June 29, 2020, only after being assured their contact information would remain confidential.

Further, her lawsuit alleges: “On July 1st, 2020, the neighbor to whom Ms. Andrews’ and Mr. Kurtz’s complaint was directed, the domestic partner of Mr. Kelly Davis, came to Ms. Andrews’ door while Mr. Kurtz was at work. The neighbor was screaming and yelling, cursing, threatening, and banging on Ms. Andrews and Mr. Kurtz’s front door while trying to open it. Ms. Andrews heard the neighbor screaming ‘I am going to kick her ass. I am going to kill her.’ The neighbor was also joined by another person, presumably Mr. Davis. Ms. Andrews did not answer the door out of shear fear, panic terror and the fear of the threatening woman breaking into her house. The yelling and banging on Ms. Andrews’ persisted for approximately 10 minutes.”

As reported, the Association’s attorney filed their Answer on August 27, 2021 and admitted a CC&R review committee woman “ACCIDENTALLY” called Kelly Davis, the target of Ms. Andrews and Mr. Kurtz’s CC&R complaint.

The Ranch Association admitted their guilt and claimed it was just an accident. So what did they do, they passed the BUCK and filed a THIRD-PARTY LAWSUIT against Kelly Davis on September 1, 2021.


Ranch Matters sat down with Kelly Davis and he had plenty to say.

Mr. Davis, a retired/disabled Army Combat Veteran, stated he is being forced to fight a new kind of battle. Not on some distant battlefield in the Middle East, but right here on Crooked River Ranch.

According to Mr. Davis, he found out about the original lawsuit against the Association on August 6, 2021 and immediately contacted Ranch Manager Judy Lapora. He stressed the allegations against him listed in the Andrews’ lawsuit were false and categorically denied making any threats of any kind against Ms. Andrews. Davis offered Lapora proof, evidence/information/assistance and suggested she contact the attorney representing the Ranch. Lapora replied: “That’s interesting.”

A month later and while expecting to hear back from Lapora, he’s served the THIRD-PARTY LAWSUIT from the Ranch Association on September 7, 2021.

The next day, September 8th, Mr. Davis attended the CRR’s Work Session Meeting at Mac Park. His attendance was required because he was a candidate for the Board and the 2021 Election results were to be announced. He had already been told by an “insider/reliable source” that due to the lawsuit’s allegations, he had no chance of getting elected.

Before the above meeting started Davis talked to Ranch Director Jerry Cooper about his lawsuit. Cooper stated: “He had no idea about it” and offered no information.

While reviewing his lawsuit with us Davis pointed out that the Ranch attorney attached copies of their ANSWER that included the subject CC&R complaint, dated June 29, 2020. A Jefferson County Sheriff’s “Noise” complaint dated, June 23, 2020, reported by an “anonymous” party who refused to disclose her name, complaining about a “Female yelling obscenities off her porch” at 9134 SW Sundown Canyon Rd-Kelly Davis’ residence.

The CC&R complaint against Kelly Davis did not mention the above reported incident to the Sheriff’s Office, but focused primarily on Kelly Davis’s english bulldog. Her complaint stated in part: “Their (Davis’) aggressive english bulldog has been found on our property as well as other neighbors properties.” Ms. Andrews added: “Due to my extreme cynophobia (fear of dogs) and very young children in our neighborhood it seems crucial to report this.” Ms. Andrews indicated that her cynophobia lead to her experiencing agoraphobia while fearing for the safety and security of the young children.

Mr. Davis was asked about the events of July 1, 2020. He stated: “About 12:30 PM I received a phone call from the Ranch and they asked, is this Kelly Davis? I said yes and they said we’re calling about the complaint you filed against your neighbor. I said I didn’t file any complaints against my neighbor. They replied, oh well we have…this is Mr. Davis, right? Oh wait never mind, we can’t talk to you anymore. I said, you used my name, so obviously I’m involved in this somewhere. Tell me what’s going on-they hung up.”

After the above phone call Mr. Davis and Mr. Kurtz communicated via TEXT throughout day and later actually met. Their discussions were cordial and there was no mention of any earlier threats or police involvement.

Davis was shocked and disturbed by the “false” allegations made against him by Ms. Andrews and questioned, why she didn’t call the police? He indicated he personally checked and found no record indicating Andrews called or filed any reports regarding her threat accusations.

Due to the seriousness of Andrews accusations, Ranch Matters filed a public records request with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office and obtained a copy of a “Threat” Report, dated July 1, 2020, reported by Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and not Ms. Andrews. Lapora requested that the responding deputy stop by the Ranch Administration Office first…


We met a second time with Mr. Davis and showed him Lapora’s Threat Report and he was shocked, confused and upset. He stated: “Who contacted her (Lapora) and if they (Andrews/ Kurtz) were afraid for their lives, why call the Ranch Manager and not the police?”

Davis stated, “What I’m thinking happened, is, they (Andrews/Kurtz) got mad because they found out I knew they complained….” “They called her pissed off and I think she’s (LaPora)  trying to cover her ass by saying, oh, well I better report this to the police then, because something happened, so I’m going to make this about them and not me, in my opinion.”

Davis ended saying:




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