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CRR SUED-Follow Up SHIFTING THE BLAME-Part 4-The Kelly Davis Story

11/12/21, 4:40 PM

CRR SUED-Follow Up


The Kelly Davis Story

As reported earlier, Ranch Matters has reported several stories regarding a lawsuit filed June 9, 2021, against the Crooked River Ranch Association by Ranch resident Lisa Andrews. Her lawsuit involves the CC&R complaint process and in particular the Associations duty to maintain confidentiality when a CC&R complaint is filed.

Ms. Andrews and her partner, Ian Kurtz, were allegedly have some issues with their neighbor, Kelly Davis and filed a CC&R complaint against him on June 29, 2020.


Lisa Andrews lawsuits alleges in part: “On July 1st, 2020, the neighbor to whom Ms. Andrews’ and Mr. Kurtz’s complaint was directed, the domestic partner of Mr. Kelly Davis, came to Ms. Andrews’ door while Mr. Kurtz was at work. The neighbor was screaming and yelling, cursing, threatening, and banging on Ms. Andrews and Mr. Kurtz’s front door while trying to open it.


Ms. Andrews heard the neighbor screaming ‘I am going to kick her ass. I am going to kill her. The neighbor was also joined by another person, presumably Mr. Davis. Ms. Andrews did not answer the door out of shear fear, panic, terror and fear of the threatening woman breaking into her house. the yelling and banging on Ms. Andrews’ door persisted for approximately 10 minutes.”


The Association’s attorney filed their Answer on August 27, 2021 and admitted their guilt. Shortly thereafter, the Association filed a THIRD-PARTY LAWSUIT against Kelly Davis looking for Mr. Davis to pay for the Associations misdeeds.


According to Mr. Davis, he found out about the original lawsuit against the Association on August 6, 2021 and immediately contacted Ranch Manager Judy Lapora. He stressed the allegations against him listed in the Andrews’ lawsuit were false and categorically denied making any threats of any kind, against Ms. Andrews. Davis offered Lapora proof, evidence, information and suggested she contact the attorney representing the Ranch. Lapora replied: “That’s interesting.”


Over the course of our reports, Ranch Matters has devoted a lot of time gathering information that included official public records requests with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office for police reports, logs and officer notebook notes.

We contacted Frontier Regional 911 and obtained the

911 Call/Audio Recording initiated by Ranch Manager Judy Lapora on July 1, 2020,

along with a copy of the CAD EVENT REPORT.

All of the above records have been previously published in our stories including interviews.


For some reason, the story has caught the attention of a couple newspapers in Central Oregon and according to Kelly Davis, who reached out to us, he felt it was important to respond.


Today, Mr. Davis sat down with us and asked, why now, the sudden interest on the part of the Bend Bulletin and Madras Pioneer. He stated, “I’m very curious, who is touting this…” Davis also mentioned, that neither reporter contacted him for a comment or statement.


Kelly Davis explains his side of the story.

Ranch Matters Staff

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