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4/29/22, 12:25 PM



Last Wednesday (4/27/22), the Ranch Board of Directors held a Special Meeting in the Juniper Room to select a new Ranch Director to replace recently resigned Director Jerry Cooper.

All of the Directors were present and President Bill Burt facilitated the Special Meeting that included the Purpose, Introduction of Candidates, Interview and Selection of the Replacement Director.

The following candidates applied for the vacant position and were in attendance: Residents Jeff Parcel, Sheryl L. Jones and Coleman Gayheart, Jr.

Resident Kari Vickery also applied, but was not in attendance and submitted her written background information.

After the candidates completed their individual Q & A’s, President Burt adjourned the meeting to Executive Session and reconvened a short time later and voted to approve Sheryl Jones. Ms. Jones will be sworn in at the next Board Meeting.


As the attendees exited the Juniper Room, candidate Jeff Parcel was talking with Director Ara Erdekian about the voting process, specifically, how they (BOD) voted.

Director Ebers, standing near by, interjected and asked Parcel, “What would you do with that information?”

The exchange between Ebers and Parcel continued, with Ebers stating to Parcel, “…I thought you were an asshole before.” Parcel responded, “I am an asshole”, then, while pointing at Ebers, Parcel went on to say, “ You (Ebers) are an asshole.” Ebers responded, “Well OK, Fuck You.”

Their conversation shifted to the current controversial “Survey” and while Parcel explained his thoughts about the process, Ebers said, “You people, have an agenda.”

About this time resident Carol Orr exited the Juniper Room and Parcel told Ebers that Carol wanted to ask a question related to the candidates and decisions made.

Ebers re-directed his attention to Ms. Orr who was attempting to explain her feelings about not being allowed to talk. Ebers stated, “We don’t want to hear you…”

Ms. Orr responded, “I’m a resident and why wouldn’t you not want to hear me. Ebers immediately answered, “Because you are a lunatic” and repeats it while apparently describing his reasons. President Burt exited the Juniper Room and taps Ebers on the shoulder, apparently summoning him to disengage and Ebers re-entered the room.


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