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6/22/18, 4:48 PM

Hillcrest Helo Pilot Phil Fenter, might have never flown any military ops, however, Fenter knows what it’s like to fly in hazardous environments.

According to Fenter, fighting fires from the air is a “team effort and a mental game.” “It’s all about strategy, coordination and team work.” He added, “YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT’S NEXT.”

Fenter flies where the planes can’t go and dips his bucket wherever he can find water. Today, on one of his missions, he flew for over an hour and had “26 DIPS/WATER DROPS.”

Fenter praises the flight crews and firefighters on the ground and said they make his job easy and safe.

Fenter has been flying since 1982 and lives in Lewiston, Idaho with his wife.

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