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For those following this news page, Ranch Matters has been engaged in a lengthy Information War, that included a Public Records Lawsuit against the Special Road District (SRD) and SRD Commissioner John Williams, which they lost, regarding the Quail/Emergency Exit.

As part of our on-going investigation, we filed a follow-up Public Records Request with the SRD on April 10, 2019. Part of our Request dealt with the following: “Records of Payments to, or Billings by, Madras attorney Tim Gassner related to the CRR/SRD and its insurers, between the periods of October 2017 through April 10, 2019.”
Further, we added, “The above request includes all Records in your Possession, Custody and or Control…”

At the CRR/SRD Regular Meeting on 6/12/19, the Commissioners again asserted they were neither custodian nor in possession, of the requested records and they wanted to squeeze about $500 bucks out of us for their attorney, Tim Gassner, to retrieve the records. Again, records they say they do not have or possess.


Consider This:

Ranch Matters has uncovered several Billing Statements related to our Public Records Request that Commissioner Williams possesses and should have produced.

Many are addressed specifically to Commissioner Williams



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