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6/8/22, 4:26 PM


In our June 2021 story, there’s a NEW SHERIFF IN TOWN,

We reported that the Jefferson County Commission interviewed two candidates for the position of Jefferson County Sheriff. Senior Deputy Jason Pollock was first to be interviewed by the Commission, followed by Undersheriff Marc Heckathorn.


The meeting adjourned for a short time and reconvened where the Commission further discussed the process, deliberated and voted unanimously to appoint Heckathorn as the new Sheriff.

After the meeting Ranch Matters spoke briefly with Pollock and he wanted to thank everyone and added, he plans on running for Sheriff in the May 2022 primary election.



The May primary race for the Sheriff’s position proved to be fraught with controversy and intrigue, resulting in Heckathorn’s undoing. Pollock beat out Heckathorn with 52% of the vote and Heckathorn decided to vacate the position early handing the baton to Pollock, but not without further controversy.

Heckathorn’s term should have run through the end of this year, however, by his early resignation the Commission was faced with some sticky last minute details that included paying him $82K for not completing his term.

At today’s Jefferson County Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Commission unanimously appointed Pollock to the position effective June 20, but not before hearing testimony from some unhappy constituents regarding Heckathorn’s $82K severance agreement, of taxpayers money.

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