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2/14/2022, 12:04 PM



In an email response to Ranch resident Carol Orr, Director Julia Randall stated: “I agree, something is weird about the impatience. I know we’re in a hurry since we only have 3 1/2 months to gather equipment and get it built. But this has been thrown at us at the last minute. It’s clear to me that this has been in the works much longer.”


If Wild Bill’s Rodeo was “in the works much longer” then why are we just now hearing about it?

What about the Association Homeowners-is there any duty on the part of the Directors to fully disclose all conflicts?

The Rodeo Arena Proposal contract involves the Ranch Directors, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and apparently her family, the promoter, but not the Association Homeowners.

President Burt’s Special (Secret) Meeting to approve his and Judy’s contract included an interesting statement. While Burt was advocating the promoter’s interests he commented to Director Ara Erdekian: “Talking to him (promoter) and Judy and Judy’s husband and Judy’s husband’s brother, who runs a cattle company”-Burt suddenly stopped in mid-sentence and changed the subject.

Oregon law (ORS 65.361) requires Directors and Officers to disclose their personal conflicts of interests with the implication being, actions taken without full disclosure may be attacked and overturned as void.

Ranch attorney Kevin Harker’s firm has addressed “Board Member Conflicts of Interest” in one of his own articles. He explains: “Always disclose to the other board members and the OWNERS any conflicts of interest. Explain exactly what the RELATIONSHIPS are and whether a direct or indirect benefit” may result.

Lawyer Harker’s firm continues in its article “Board Member Fiduciary Duties”: “Board members MUST act in the best interests of the ENTIRE membership. This also implies that directors must put their own interests below the interests of the community, even if those interests conflict.”

Directors have a responsibility to act “prudently” and act with care and seek advise, as well as seek information “when necessary in order to make informed decisions.”

Was the promoter vetted before the Board approved and signed his contract?

Does Jefferson County have any responsibility before giving $10,000 BUCKS of taxpayers money to Bill and Judy’s Rodeo?

ORS 65.657(3) notes a Director may not be acting in good faith, when ignoring information indicative of failures to comply with Oregon law. Failure of a Director(s) to act in good faith is GROUNDS FOR A DIRECTOR’S PERSONAL LIABILITY.

Director Randall is correct, there is something weird about Wild Bill’s Rodeo and that’s NO BULL SHIT.

Ranch Matters Staff

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