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By Carol Orr

Why is it that Ranch Officials can make rules while at the same time break the rules? What is good for thee, is not good for me.

As a former Director, I was made aware of my responsibilities that included fiduciary responsibilities. There’s a due diligence required on the part of a Director that requires some critical thinking on the part of being a Director, not just going along to get along.
Recently, I’ve seen examples that suggest the Board is abdicating their collective responsibilities to just a few Ranch Officers, including Ranch President Carl Harbour.

Ranch Matters recently published the “$$HIT STORM” story regarding the RV Park Septic System and the illegal Dump Stations. See “$hit Storm” date 6/10/20.
According to the story, former Ranch General Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart, told Harbour in no uncertain terms not to proceed with the construction of the dump stations, but Harbour did it anyway-knowing full well it was illegal.
Will Harbour face any consequences for his illegal acts?

Another disconcerting example involves the IT PERSON doing business as “Cascade Professional Computing.”
First, the IT PERSON was just awarded an “Option 2” contract at our last BOD meeting even though he was the most responsible person along with Lapora for securing the system that was hacked. We’ve been told that the Ranch computer system had been backed up apparently while being supervised by Mr. IT and Ranch Manager,Judy Lapora. Further, according to state records, Cascade had been dissolved as a business by the Secy of State’s office in 2015. So, while the Ranch was engaging the services of Cascade as their go-to-guy for IT matters, the State had dissolved his business.

Interestingly, the Ranch Matters guys reported on 6/3/2020 that Cascade Professional Computing was dissolved by the State, in 2015. Only after RM’s report did Cascade do the right thing and registered with the state on or about 6/8/20. 5 days later, Cascade legitimized their status. His rehire date was approved at the BOD’s executive secret session, June 15. You do the math. Why in the world would the Ranch rehire this IT guy who has already cost the Ranch $$$ for the first screw up? Is there some kind of alliance with this guy? Neighbor, friends what?
By the way, what was option 1?

Should the Ranch Homeowners be held responsible for the financial consequences of our Ranch officials failure to act in our best interest?


We, meaning Ranch members, have the power to change this behavior. If you would like to share your ideas or get serious about this contact me at carolaorr97760@gmail.com.