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5/07/20, 1:14 PM


As reported on 5/05/20, CRR’s Ranch Maintenance Supervisor, Steve Swigart, was suddenly LET GO last week and no longer works for the Ranch.

We contacted Swigart and he confirmed being dismissed from his position and added he was “shocked.”

Swigart was a well respected Ranch employee and his sudden departure has Ranch residents asking why? Further, the timing of his dismissal along with the fact the Ranch Maintenance Department is left with just one employee, begs the question, who approved his dismissal, the Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora or the Ranch Board?

In an EMPLOYEE PERFORMANCE EVALUATION obtained by Ranch Matters, Lapora self-evaluated her performance as Ranch Manager. In Lapora’s self evaluation dated 2016, Judy commented,

“ My position requires that I communicate with the Board, my co-workers and our members to handle any number of issues including complaints, inquiries and proposals. I feel that I communicate effectively, with respect and empathy. I also feel this is one of my strengths and believe it has been an asset in my position.”

Interestingly, neither the Board or Lapora mentioned at last Monday’s (5/04/20) Work Session Meeting that Swigart was LET GO and that our Maintenance Department is short staffed.


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