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6/18/19, 6:21 PM


At last nights CRR/BOD Meeting (6/17/19), President Carl Harbour provided his update regarding the Emergency/Quail Exit.

According to Harbour, our CRR Road Department/Maintenance Department will be completing the required modifications that were not part of the original specs. He added, the work should be completed in three weeks and made no mention of the Petition to Annex the Exit.

Today, Ranch Matters met with Chris Doty, Director of Deschutes County Road Department, regarding the Annexation Petition/Process. Doty explained the process involved and said he’s “waiting for the Petition to Annex the Exit from the CRR/SRD and re-affirmed they need to submit a Petition to Annex the Exit.”

Doty also said he will be contacting Harbour and explain the Process.

Ranch Matters Staff

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