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5/25/22, 2:53 PM


Since the sudden cancellation of Bill and Judy’s rodeo last month, Ranch Matters (RM) has been bombarded with tips and questions regarding the pending survey, money spent for lawyers and the $23K spent on their Rodeo Panels.

The Ranch Officials have been less than forthcoming regarding the actual specifics behind the cancellation and conveniently used, most likely at the memberships expense, an attorney to cover their tracks. On April 11, President Bill Burt and Ranch Manager Judy Lapora issued their cancellation notice that included the following statement: “…ON ADVICE OF COUNSEL, we will not be discussing the circumstances that caused the termination of this year’s rodeo until the proper time.”

Regarding the Rodeo Panels and the $23K spent for the now defunct rodeo, we’ve been asked where are those expensive panels stored and what does $23,000 in panels look like?

We emailed Ranch Manager Lapora and asked where are the elusive panels? Additionally, we asked if an AFE (Authorized For Expenditure-Expenses over $5K) was required for the $23K expenditure? NO RESPONSE.

Today, RM located the Rodeo Panels stacked in the Ranch BONEYARD.

Ranch Matters Staff

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