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What About The Oversight

4-28-22  10:20 AM

by Rebecca Anne

What about the oversight

  What about everyone’s Constitutional Rights out here on the ranch?

Just some questions and thoughts I wanted to mention.

At the last zoom board meeting, the survey regarding the Rodeo Arena Project was brought up. They mentioned that the survey would go out to homeowners and then they would count all votes. Resident Kevin Fiet brought up concern as to how the count could be trusted and that conversation ended with the agreed arrangement that Kevin would oversee the count.

Oddly, and what to me seems coincidentally convenient (I don’t really believe in coincidences), this very important survey has been distributed to homeowners via email. Everyone is well aware of how reliable email is and isn’t. Email can be easily manipulated. Many people don’t even have or use email or have created new email accounts for whatever reason.

For our HOA to even think sending out a survey, which requires a vote within a very short deadline and via email, is absolutely inappropriate and seems convenient for them, being that their agenda seems very pro rodeo project.

This project is a very big deal and one that will affect all of us as homeowners in a huge way and potentially a way no one can begin to put a dollar figure on. I say that after reading the post Director Ebers posted on Nextdoor where he said that if the majority of the votes were yes, we would get answers to our questions and if the majority were no, we would most likely not get any questions answered. You can look at my earlier post to get his exact quotes as I am going off of memory. He stated in his email response to me that he did not speak for the board without the board’s direction. It definitely seems to me that he was speaking for the board. I have again read his post and private message and can only shake my head as to the level of stupid he believes me to be by saying such a thing.


As I was reading and researching, I couldn’t help but think back to his sentence where he said he is allowed to speak as a homeowner/member. That brought me back to his article that stated that we (homeowners) lost our First Amendment rights when we purchased our homes here. Then I remembered having also read, not too long ago, that we lost our Constitutional rights upon purchasing here in Crooked River Ranch. Well, I believe every board member is a homeowner. I also believe that only one ranch official is not (If I am wrong, please correct me.) If I am correct, then by this ridiculous logic, all board members have also given up their Constitutional rights.

If I am correct, it then follows that there is only one individual with power in our community who has their Constitutional rights – the ranch manager. Is that why it seems we, as a community, were lied to when we were told via the Zoom board meeting that Kevin would oversee the count? We all know, as I said in previous comments and posts, that there is very little if any way to guarantee any honesty with this email vote, as it is likely that votes will have been seen, counted and deleted (depending on vote) prior to any count they may say is the official count with the promised oversight. If only one individual has their constitutional rights, is that why there has been no change over many years and more and more non transparency? It seems like a good question and again, these are my thoughts and questions after more research.

If I am incorrect on any of what I am writing, I welcome anyone to correct me, as long as there is proof that I am wrong. I will be more than happy to apologize if and when I am.

I am attaching a video snippet from the meeting where Kevin was told he could oversee the vote count.


It’s starting to feel like our HOA has a very important book that has to be titled HOA’s for Dummies. Filled with all the loopholes and ways to get homeowners to side with them and/or keep them silent all while treating the rest of the community with disrespect and deceit and all without any consequence.

This Rodeo Project isn’t about anyone liking or not liking rodeos. It is the process of how it came to be. THIS SURVEY IS A BIG DEAL. They are expecting a VOTE VIA EMAIL with a DEADLINE and with pretty clear answers as to what we can expect depending on the majority, per Director Ebers.

I just pray that homeowners are reaching out to all of our board members and ranch officials, so there is no confusion as to what is being discussed. Too easy to say something to one person and something else to another. Please tell our board no more lies. Tell them important community information needs to be guaranteed to go to all homeowners. This should have been MAILED TO ALL HOMEOWNERS. That is the only way to say they truly did their best to get it to everyone.

Many would have volunteered to help save money. Heck, I would have stuffed envelopes for hours and hours and hours with zero complaints because this is also my community and I know how important this survey and “vote” is. Everyone should know that as well. Sadly, due to this choice to email something of this importance, not everyone will.


You be the judge.


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