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10/23/21, 1:20 PM


“RANCH MATTERS. This may not be an appropriate venue for such a post, but as I refuse to create a Facebook account, or any social media other than NextDoor, and it refers to community interests, I’ll write it and let the mods decide. I occasionally hijack my wife’s Facebook account to read the latest blather from Ranch Matters. As those who pay attention know, there is a contingent of folks who like to disparage the CRR board. My limited interactions with a few of these folks have led me to conclude that they have many ‘facts’ wrong, they won’t listen, and many of their ‘news’ items are false and misleading. So, without going into specifics, I would like to make myself AVAILABLE, as a Board member, to any of you interested in the other side of the story. So PM me or post a reply and we can arrange to talk on the phone, via email, or in person.”

CRR Director Richard Ebers,

Ebers10/22/21, NextDoor Post


Yesterday (10/22/21), Ranch Matters published a story titled, “ASPD” that focused primarily on the CRR Board of Directors response regarding CC&R Committee Member Jim Stagl’s “LET IT BURN” comments on social media about the Vehicle/RV fire on SW Shad Rd.


Jim Stag’s initial comment stated: “IF WE ARE LUCKY, IT WILL SPREAD TO THE WHOLE PLACE. LET IT BURN.” Stagl doubled down and said: “PLACE IS A CCR VIOLATION DISASTER. LET IT BURN.”

The ASPD story included an email from Director Ebers confirming the CC&R Committee “voted to decline his (Stagl’s) offer to resign” while at the same time stating he did not violate any confidentiality policies. Director Ebers said: “The Board feels only a violation of confidentiality would merit his (Stagl’s) removal, and none of us feel there was one.”

Apparently Director Ebers felt it necessary to respond and published the above comment on one of CRR’s Communication Platforms, Nextdoor.

He addresses his comments to Ranch Matters and makes unsubstantiated accusations against Ranch Matters. Ebers alleges our reports are not factual and misleading, but avoids providing any specifics. He also offers to meet with any member interested “in the other side of the story.”


If Director Ebers or any Ranch Director feels they have individually or collectively been defamed by any of our reports there is a mechanism available. Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 31.215 addresses allegations of defamation and the process involving the Demand of a Correction or Retraction.

ORS 315.215 states in part: “The demand for correction or retraction shall be in writing, signed by the defamed person or the attorney of the person…” “The demand shall specify which statements are FALSE and defamatory and request that they be corrected or retracted…”

Ranch Matters Staff

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