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BY Georgia Crouch


Well Well Well

~ Considering that JC wants to go by the law~ I think they need to consider rescheduling~


Letters were postmarked Nov 25th



Hi Georgia.

Following our code is very important to us. As you see in the letter from COLW, the requirement is either 20 days prior to the hearing OR 10 days if there will be two or more evidentiary hearings. We planned for two hearings (at a minimum) knowing how the hearings before the Planning Commission went. We took the letters to the post office on Wednesday the 23rd, but they apparently weren’t postmarked until the 25th (day after Thanksgiving). Even with the later date, that still provided 11 days notice.

Another part of our thinking in planning at least two hearings with a 10-day notice, rather than one with a 20-day notice was to make sure the Board of Commissioner hearings started as far before the Christmas/New Year holidays as possible. A 20-day notice would have meant the first hearing would have either had to be a special meeting of the Board on Wednesday the 21st or on their regular meeting date of Wednesday the 28th. With the shorter notice, we will be able to have hearings on the 7th and 14th.

As always, Georgia, I appreciate your efforts to keep your neighbors informed!

Scott Edelman



A Big Thank You To LandWatch!





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