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6/25/23, 4:51 PM


The Oregon legislative session concludes tonight at 11:59 p.m. and the lawmakers are scrambling through the pending legislation before the deadline.

The “paramilitary” bill, HB 2572 was one of their last minute bills that the Senate passed Saturday (6/24/23), with little fanfare.

All that’s left is for Governor Tina Kotek to sign it into law.


According to Oregon lawmakers, Oregon is Grand Central Station for militias and extremists groups and HB 2572 is their mechanism to stop paramilitary activity involving a group of three or more people.


“Private paramilitary organizations means any group of three or more persons associations under a command structure for the purpose of functioning in public or training to function in public as a combat, combat support, law enforcement or security services.”

Last February we published


regarding HB 2572 and its possible impact on groups like People’s Rights and the Little Group of Patriots (LGOP) based on Crooked River Ranch.

Ranch Matters (RM) interviewed Scott Stuart from People’s Rights for our February report and at that time he stated:

“HB 2572 is just another gun grabber bill by the far left, influenced in Oregon by George Soros, all of his money and the Marxism that has come through that’s permeated every facet of state government and of course that’s what they want to do, is control the people.”

Stuart added:

“People’s Rights are absolutely opposed to it, as is the Deschutes County Republican Party, which I am the Chairman of.

We’re monitoring this, very closely with our legislative committee.

We will have people showing up to testify in Salem and to bring forth the original intent of the constitution-constitutional laws always trumps statutory law.”

The LGOP on Crooked River Ranch is part of the larger People’s Rights Oregon 5 (PRO5).

LGOP/PRO5 “Area Assistant, Jennie Anderson provided the following comment for our February story:

“Each person that uses People’s Rights resides in a geographical area. This is your community, where you live and work.

PR OREGON 5 (PRO5) encompasses Deschutes, Jefferson, Crook & Wheeler counties. The people around you are your neighbors.

They may be the exact people coming to your aid when you need help, and the more you know them personally the more likely they are to run to be at your side for any need.

You are now not just neighbors or acquaintances, you are good friends and for many you become like extended family.

This is the foundational concept behind creating LGOP’s. There are multiple neighborhoods all throughout Oregon and some nationally within the PR membership.”

“Therefore, if you spoke with Scott Stuart, you already have PO5’s stance on HB 2572 and I do not feel the need to add additional comment.

We are of like mind on this issue and actively encourage our membership to submit their individual testimony in opposition to the Legislators in Committee.”


Today RM again contacted Scott Stuart for a comment. He sent the following text:

“From one of our Legislative committee members…”. Here is the link to the testimony that was sent.

We tried hard to kill it. But even some R’s were fooled into thinking this was meant to prosecute Antifa.

HB 2572 Regular Session

Kevin Starrett from Oregon Firearms Federation (OFF) commented:

“The bill is a weapon against any group that dares defend itself against the mobs that closely aligned with Kotek.”

Starrett added:

“Remember, her staffer was arrested at an antifa riot, never prosecuted and then the Republicans voted to make her offense no longer a crime.”


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