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Used, Creosote Soaked Railroad Ties

By Dale Wiley

This is apparently what the sides of the bocce ball court are going to be built with. Used, creosote soaked railroad ties. The worst possible thing you could put on a recreation site. They stink, they still have tarry sticky creosote on them, and are rough cut wood that will massively splinter.

The players will toss balls against them, it will react with artificial turf. I have built hundreds of various sports facilities in a 30 year career as a landscape/ excavation/ golf course/ sports field contractor and never were railroad ties specified. Treated timbers yes, but railroad ties no. The smell is overwhelming when you are close and in hot weather they will off gas low grade VOCs.

There has to be something better to use. Treated timbers, concrete parking bumpers, form poured concrete anything but railroad ties.

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