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11/13/20, 12:18 PM



Crooked River Ranch Club & Maintenance Association, an active Oregon Corporation
Crooked River Ranch Water Company, an active Oregon Corporation

Jefferson County Case No: 19 CV 55620

Yesterday, 11/12/20, Crooked River Ranch Officials-PLAINTIFFS and Crooked River Ranch Water Company Officials-DEFENDANTS, met for about 7 hours on neutral ground-Deschutes County Fairgrounds for a scheduled 9:00 AM Mediation Session.


About 8:30 AM the plaintiffs arrived led by Ranch President Carl Harbour along with Ranch VP Bill Burt, Directors, Judy Gilliland, Mike Dries and Randy Peterson.

Additionally, Ranch Manager Judy Lapora and former Ranch Directors, Mike Folkestad and Mark Schneider arrived.

Shortly thereafter the hired guns-lawyers arrived along with selected Mediator, former Deschutes County Presiding Judge, Michael C. Sullivan.

Lastly, Water Company General Manager Frank Day and Water Board Member Jim Hussey arrived.


The parties met in the SOUTH SISTERS Conference Hall and according to a source, met in separate locations while the mediator shuttled between the rooms.

Around 1:00 PM, Mark Schneider and Mike Dries picked up a delivery order from Jimmy John’s and returned to the Conference Hall.

Approximately 4:00 PM all of the parties exited the Conference Hall and Frank Day, stated, “LOOKS LIKE WE HAVE SETTLEMENT.” Mr. Day quickly added, “It’s not officially over until the paperwork is finalized.”

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