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7/18/18, 3:03 PM

On July 6, 2018, Crooked River Ranch hosted a Press Conference with special guests, Representative Greg Walden, Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office UnderSheriff, Marc Heckathorn and Jefferson County Commissioner, Wayne Fording.

Also present at the Event was CRR Board of Director President, Dave Palmer, Vice President, Dave Keyston, SRD Commissioner, Rich Hoffmann, Ranch Manager, Judy Lapora and others.

The Press Conference was based on supporting Congressman Walden’s legislative bill, H.R. 2075, the Crooked River Ranch Protection Act.

On July 17, 2018, Ranch Matters staff had a brief meeting with Undersheriff Heckathorn regarding the lack of notification to Ranch Residents. Heckathorn stated that Sheriff Adkins had notified him about the Event earlier that day and that it was scheduled for 4:00 PM.
Undersheriff Heckathorn added that Holly Gill from the Madras Pioneer was present, News Channel 21 and a local radio station, as well as approximately 20 plus others.

Interestingly, the above Ranch, Government and Media Representatives along with 20 plus others knew about this very important Event yet no general notification was communicated to the Ranch Membership as a whole. The Ranch utilizes various communication platforms, including Next Door and the Phase Rep Notification System-why was there a failure to communicate this Event?

Ranch Matters Staff

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