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State of Oregon vs. Curtis Lamars Binion-UPDATE

11/29/18   10:30 AM


State of Oregon vs. Curtis Lamars Binion

Case No: 17 CR 31911

Yesterday, (11/28/18) Curtis Lamars Binion, Pictured Below, was scheduled to withdraw his PLEA and the process would have been delayed further. However, according to the defendant’s attorney, Mr. Binion agreed to enter a Plea of Guilty and proceed with Sentencing.

Victim Michelle Lawson read from a prepared statement detailing how Binion’s actions have impacted her life and those around her, stating, “My life has been forever changed by someone I’ve never met.”

After Ms. Lawson read her statement, the Judge asked Mr. Binion if he would like to make any statements and he declined.

Prior to sentencing, the Judge noted this was Mr. Binion’s “fourth (4th) CONVICTION for driving impaired,” and based on all Counts charged, was sentenced to 41 months in prison.

Mr. Binion was immediately taken into custody and as he was led out of the courtroom handed his wallet to his wife and said goodbye.

Ranch Matters spoke with Michelle Lawson after the proceedings, where she explained that this incident has racked up over $100,000 dollars in medical bills, going on to say, “I’m satisfied he’s off the street, but he took my sense of self away.”

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