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8/19/20, 7:24 PM

On 8/7/18, we reported construction on the controversial Emergency Exit Road/Quail Road Extension had begun. Ranch Officials and other government stakeholders held their groundbreaking ceremony on the same day.


Today, the Deschutes County Commission held their first and last public hearing regarding the annexation of the road by the Crooked River Ranch (CRR)/ Special Road District (“SRD”).

Ranch Matters was in attendance.

Public Input was allowed and no Ranch Officials, including anyone from the CRR/SRD testified. SRD Commissioner, John Williams was scheduled to speak, but apparently changed his mind.

Ranch Matters was allowed to testify and clearly conveyed to the Commission that we were never opposed to the Emergency Exit, only the PROCESS involved in its development and construction.

It was explained that all of the planning and building of this road took place with the affected SRD taxpayers never being fully informed and never given an opportunity to vote on this public works project.

Further, we informed the Commission it took filing a Public Records Lawsuit against the SRD to obtain pertinent documents that had otherwise been concealed.

Annexation was approved unanimously.


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