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2/07/19, 12:52 PM

Terrebonne Refinement Plan Meeting

Last night, the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) along with Deschutes County representatives, held another Terrebonne Refinement Plan Meeting on Crooked River Ranch at the chapel, regarding improving traffic flow on Highway 97 in the Terrebonne area.

There was a large turnout, including, all three Jefferson County Commissioners, Jefferson County Sheriff Jim Adkins, the Jefferson County Administrator and Planning Director, ODOT Officials along with several current and former Ranch Officials and CRR Special Road District (SRD) Commissioners, including Chairman Rich Hoffmann.

Marc Butorac, the Project Consultant from Kittelson LLC, opened the meeting at 6:00 PM by introducing the project participants, set the ground rules that included in part, asking the attendees to refrain from “saying I want this, I want that” because that would create a distraction. However, Mr. Butorac welcomed questions for “clarification” purposes.



Butorac presented a series of slides explaining the rationale for the “Preferred Project” along with costs and “physicality” issues related to the Preferred Plan vs. other options for about an hour.

About an hour into the meeting and unexpectedly, CRR SRD Chairman Rich Hoffmann intervened and introduced himself and the “Save Terrebonne Coalition” attorney, offering an opposing view-Agenda, to ODOT’s preferred plan. The Coalition attorney presented another option including some maps and fliers distributed by Hoffmann to the attendees.

Hoffmann made it perfectly clear that the ODOT preferred plan would have a negative financial impact in the Terrebonne area along with delays related to emergency responders. Additionally, he is concerned about impacted residents not having a voice in this matter and feels there is a loss of confidence in ODOT doing the right thing, but is hopeful a workable solution can still be achieved.

Interestingly, at the August 2018 Quail (Emergency) Road groundbreaking event, Hoffmann praised the many volunteers for their assistance despite that they were faced with, “Harassment and Protest…”





Later, we wrote Hoffmann asking him, as an elected (appointed) official, whether he felt differing opinions-protesting is wrong. To date he hasn’t responded.

We commend Hoffmann and his coalition for taking a stand, voicing their opinions and exercising their rights as concerned citizens.

Ranch Matters Staff

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