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10/09/19, 2:48 PM

Yesterday, Ranch Matters posted a report, titled NO RETRACTION regarding Ranch Director Mark Schneider’s comments and request for a retraction at Monday’s (10/07/19) CRR/BOD Work Session Meeting.

We responded, “…the matter needs investigated and requested he (Schneider) provide us with a chronology-date/time he spoke with Sheriff Adkins.”

The following email, titled, “Active Shooter-Follow-Up” sent by Schneider on 10/07/19 at 7:19 PM, fails to provide any details as requested by passing the buck to Adkins.

Interestingly, Schneider’s email mentions sending the Sheriff some video so he (Adkins) “can see first hand what was said.”

Last month the Board passed a Resolution regarding “BOARD MEETING CODE OF CONDUCT” that states in part, “Members of the Association and other persons present at Board meetings are expressly forbidden from taking photographs and from creating any AUDIO or VIDEO RECORDINGS of any portion of the Board meeting, unless permitted by the Chairperson of the Board.”


Adkins was provided a copy of Schneider’s email and we reiterate, there will be NO RETRACTION.

While attending today’s Jefferson County Board of Commissioner’s Meeting, we had an opportunity to speak briefly with Commissioner Mae Huston, who happened to be at Monday’s Work Session Meeting. She was also informed there will be No Retraction…

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