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1/24/2020, 5:13 PM



On 1/14/2020, we posted a story titled, “END UP IN JAIL” about a private meeting former Ranch Director, Carol Orr had with Ranch VP/Director, Bill Burt and Ranch Secretary/Director, Judy Gilliland.
Please see story for details.

One of the key points reported in the above mentioned story addressed Ranch Director, Mark Schneider’s comments at the 1/06/2020, Work Session Meeting, where he stated, “Too bad the Sheriff’s not here, you’d be out in the street, right now.

Ms. Orr wanted to know what Burt had to say about this and also asked for some “guidelines.”

Burt responded-THREATENED: “The next time you Break the 3 minute rule, the Sheriff will be called, you will be Removed, Arrested and END UP IN JAIL.”

In an email response to Ms. Orr today, Director Schneider, corroborated Burt’s “END UP IN JAIL” threat by stating,” Sheriff Adkins says that will be a trip to jail.” What will be a trip to jail?
Breaking the “3 Minute Rule.”

According to Schneider’s email, “We (The Board) give 3 minutes.” “If it goes over that, the president can allow depending on the nature of the question

Schneider continues, “After that, if the person wants to continue to disrupt the HOA meeting, they are given a warning. Beyond that, we can have them removed for disorderly conduct.” “Sheriff Adkins says that will be a TRIP TO JAIL.”

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