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05/01/24, 2:27 PM


Public Hearing

At today’s Jefferson County Board of Commissioners Meeting, the Commission heard a second time from Matt Powlison, Public Works Director and Dave Jones, owner, Crooked River Ranch Sanitary regarding a garbage rate increase.


Matt Powlison: “The rate increase is a something we haven’t looked at since 2019…”

“It’s time, it’s warranted…”

“This Public Hearing, I think, is to let the public comment on the proposed rate increase…”

The Commission asked several questions regarding customer comments, higher costs generally and comparable pricing issues.

Dave Jones: “Some (customers) are for it, some say we aren’t charging enough, some say we are charging too much and some say it’s about right.”


Ranch resident Michelle Parcel spoke in favor of the rate increase and Jefferson County Commissioner candidate, George (Wes) Curtiss spoke explaining why he is opposed to the rate increase.

Ranch resident Brad Pahl attended the hearing via Zoom and asked: “Does any of the Crooked River Ranch rate increase restore any of the previous and discontinued services such as recycling or the twice of month service rather than weekly?”

Jones responded.


The Commission will make their final decision at the May 8 meeting. They want to conduct some due diligence prior to rendering their final decision.


Mr. Jones told Ranch Matters: I’m following normal county process-every time I ask for a rate increase. 2019 was the last time and before that it was 2011. We went eight years, from 2011 to 2019. I only come in here when I have to.”

Jones confirmed Jefferson County regulates his sanitary service. No other governmental entity is involved in his business.

Jones further confirmed he hasn’t received any complaints from his Ranch customers or from the Ranch Association.




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