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5/8/20   10:15 AM


By Former Director Carol Orr

My email to Director Judy Gilliland.

Director Judy Gilliland,

This is my response to the email I received from you April 8,

 Former Ranch Director Carol Orr- File Photo

2020. I sent an email March 27,2020 to the Board to clarify Bylaw 2020-03-16B. You stated, and you called it a “Resolution” is pretty clear as to what it means. If it was clear why would I be asking for an explanation? Your response was lawyerspeak and did not explain anything to me. This email is the third time I am asking for clarification. I first asked Harbour, then the entire Board of Directors, so maybe the third time is the charm.

In your own Board minutes 2020-03-16B is called the “2016 BYLAW amendment.” So it IS a BYLAW.

And you mentioned transparency, which is laughable. What was added in those minutes had nothing to do with being transparent. It was just enough to cover your butts without really giving a detailed explanation. Even Dave Palmer, Past President, always posted on Nextdoor, the Telegraph, or posted in the minutes updating the 2016 election lawsuit information.

And what is the purpose of such a Bylaw? And why NOW? Does it have anything go do with the current 2016 election lawsuit? Would you or somebody on the Board explain to me, how 2020-03-16B is not an after the fact bylaw to cover past wrongdoings concerning 2016 election lawsuit? How exactly does that work?

As to my 18 months on the Board, you brought up that I should know better. This is laughable, because you of all people know exactly what is happening, as you were an active member of the Concerned Ranch Residents group, even contributing funds and picketing at Jefferson County offices.

 Two Faces of Ranch Director Judy Gilliland-File Photo

Conflict? You vehemently disapproved of my treatment by the Board then, but wholly approve of it currently. Nothing has changed, but has gotten worse. I ask what happened to you? Is it local fame, wanting admiration, prestige, wanting the right people to like you? I agree nobody wants to be a pariah, but is this why you are now unwilling to speak out? May I remind you, that while you were an active member of Concerned Residents, the Board was telling me to disassociate with people like yourself. Did you ask for atonement and then receive it?

When you reply this time, please speak in your own words, enough with the carefully chosen lawyerspeak.

How can you in good conscience defend the indefensible?

Carol Orr