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2/15/18, 6:30 pm

Had our third meeting today with Chris Doty, Director D.C. Road Department, regarding the Emergency Exit Road Process/Status.


There will be no mediation or negotiations regarding the Emergency Exit Add-On Items. Everything stands As-Is.

Doty had a meeting yesterday with David Palmer, Ranch BOD President and Jeff Kitchens from the BLM.

Doty feels the public in-put issues were more than “sufficient.”

Written Agreement has not yet been signed. However, we also learned there are two agreements in play.

The first agreement is between the BLM and Deschutes County. Doty stated that this agreement has a rule requiring it to be signed within 30 days or “risk no longer being valid.” He added, that the start up date for this agreement was February 6, 2018 but there was an “error” necessitating a re-write causing a new start date.

The second agreement, Doty referred to as a “master agreement” or stake-holders agreement.
Doty stated that “all of the lawyers are circling the wagons,” focusing specifically on this agreement.

According to Doty bids have not been advertised yet-timeline off.

Detailed discussion regarding the current SRD issues and lack QUROUM.

Doty confirmed that the SRD must Annex the Emergency Exit Road to move forward.

Doty said, there are two (2) ways to Annex the road: vote of the Ranch Membership or vote of the SRD Board.

Doty was asked if the Ranch Members should be allowed to vote on this project, he said “NO.”

Finally, if for any reason the SRD isn’t able to Annex the road, Deschutes County might have to step up and cover it due to safety issues.

Chris Doty



Ranch Matters Staff

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