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By Carol Orr




In reading over Monday’s 10/5 BOD’s Work session, I noticed that Item IV F. Panorama Park is listed. Public Input is not part of the Work Sessions. So I sent the following questions to President Harbour and the rest of the Directors today.

1.Why does the Manager keep saying this tax money is for toilets only, when the MOU clearly includes mowing.

2. Are any members of the Board embarrassed at the condition of this park (compared to all other pristine parks in Jefferson co)?

3. Are any of you (the Board) going to investigate where our tax money is in the budget and how has it been spent in years passed?

4. Does any Board member feel that transparency is the right thing to do? After all it is our tax money.

5. Is any Board member interested in accountability?

6. Why is it so difficult to get simple answers and solutions to questions I pose.

7. Why was it necessary for me to file a complaint to the Jefferson Co. Commissioners meeting by Zoom as well as emails? I added that Jeffco is trusting the Manager to spend it on both A & B in the MOU. Also, that Jeffco lacked oversight on how our tax dollars are being used.

8. I further stated to the BOD’s that it is their duty to hold the Manager responsible for her actions or inactions.

9.To the Directors, I asked them when are they going to ask the tough questions regarding the allocating Park monies?

I asked them to not shoot the messenger; somebody has to ask the obvious. I concluded, my expectations to the above queries: answer all above questions, either in writing, at a Board meeting, in the Newsletter, a face to face meeting with me, give me a call or email me. THAT IS NOT TOO MUCH TO ASK WHAT?

Also under Special Topics Work Session IV.a. , an INJUCTION CLAUSE PROPOSAL. This would give the Board the ability to file Injunctions whatever “they” deem a violation. Why is this drastic action needed? Add that to my other questions to be answered. Is this Board of Directors and Ranch Rulers out of control? GET INVOLVED. To join zoom meeting go to Crooked River Ranch website and join Zoom Meeting by clicking on meeting access. By now, we all know how to Zoom.

Carol Orr

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