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by Carol Orr

Without discontentment and frustration a movement is impossible? Yes, no? I see discontentment and frustration everywhere, but very little actual mass movement. Why and how can that be? How much are Americans willing to put up with?

I propose that the above is not enough, obviously. Plenty of us are discontented with the current no end in sight, “Pandemic.” Any honest, critical thinking person knows that we are being lied to and even with the facts coming out now from Harvard Medical School, FDA, and other reputable entities telling us that this is not working, possibly making it worse, and even warning the government to stop with the Boosters, government stubbornly carries on and we comply. Something is very wrong.

My conclusion is that plenty of us are discontented, but feel completely at the mercy of the circumstances, feeling these circumstances are so formidable, that we are helpless, pardon the term inoculated against motivation to change.

We believe that we are powerless, so we stick to our little, familiar routines. Let’s not upset that precarious balance.

Connecting POWER and discontentment is a must for any mass movement. HOPE is also what is needed. Does this future looked brighter to you and your children?

We are witnessing all of the current “movement” instruments; from propaganda, doctrine, violence, to government Leadership. We are allowing these cowards/bullies to rule us. We would never have put up with this on the playgrounds back in the day. Well, these are those people. Do you really want to loose to them? Do we really want to bend the knee to them? Once you bend the knee to your Medical choices, then you might as well stay on your knees.

THIS IS NOT A POLITICAL MESSAGE: They are not going to save us or America. Movements have been led by ordinary/extraordinary individuals; MLK, Founders, the Blackrobed regimen, Rosa Parks, Mother Teressa, Wilberforce, Bonhoeffer. And they achieved this under dire circumstances. We have technology to connect. Faith guided each of them. They followed a call beyond themselves. Faith and Humility. We are currently being asked to trust in a government that tell us men can have VJJ’s, and babies and breast feed…….What’s a gender? Let us pray.

I am not suggesting to wait around for that one individual, it is getting late. Please empower yourselves:

Peoples Rights group

Jefferson Co. Commissioners

Stop the Abuse–Restore America Now

Freedom Foundation.com

Oregonians for Medical Freedom

I also thank those of you who are standing up at your School Board meetings, your commissioners meetings, challenging Michal Baker, Medical Director, Jefferson Co., attending and organizing freedom rallies, meetings etc. Thank you for standing up to the coward bullies with the power of their microphone. The CRR BOD’s if they don’t like what you are respectfully saying, cut your mic, forbid you to speak, they can even call the police, have you removed, and even arrested and charge you for it. It is in their current recently added Resolution. Why and how, because we bend the knee to 9 Volunteers, who are drunk on their own power. Time to get off our knees!, from our lowly HOA to our County, State. Start with what is right in front of you.

Disclaimer: I am not anti-vax, pro-vax that is your CHOICE. Risk/Management/Efficacy

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