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5/11/22, 1:43 PM


A week ago today, Jefferson County District Attorney , Steve Leriche and retired Sheriff Jim Adkins released a joint statement endorsing Sheriff Marc Heckathorn’s opponent, Sr. Deputy Jason Pollock.


As reported in our story, “THE DAY AFTER” we described their MEDIA RELEASE/ ENDORSEMENT as the equivalent of an atomic explosion that caught Sheriff Heckathorn off guard.

We ended our story by asking, “What’s changed and why just days before the election did the district attorney and the former sheriff issue their explosive statement?”



We had an opportunity to ask retired Sheriff Jim Adkins that question, “WHAT’S CHANGED?”

Yesterday, Adkins spent some time explaining why and how he got involved in this matter. He stated up front it wasn’t his intention to get involved in this campaign, but circumstances dictated otherwise.


After some lengthy reflection Adkins provided the following STATEMENT:


“I wanted to retire as of July 1, 2021, with honor and on top of my game. The natural succession of command in the Sheriff’s Office is for the Undersheriff to take command as acting Sheriff, until the voters make the final decision who should be Sheriff.

I’ve been able to observe Marc’s leadership style and the decisions he has made since my retirement. In my opinion, Deputy Pollock will take the time to listen to anyone who needs to talk to him and genuinely cares for the people of Jefferson County.

Pollock is very capable of leading the Sheriff’s Office with humility and a servant attitude.”


Sheriff Heckathorn’s RESPONSE:

“The release provides little information for voters to consider. It is also a direct contradiction to the letter he wrote to the county commissioners endorsing me saying I am ‘approachable and cares for the community and their concerns.’ ‘He has proven to this office he can evaluate issues and potential problems honestly, quickly and make the hard decisions necessary to maintain an efficient organization.’ Adkins was sheriff for 11 years. 6 years I was his patrol captain and 5 years I was his Undersheriff (I was the highest ranking employee in the office all 11 years of his time as sheriff) (the Undersheriff position was empty until I filled it). Since retiring he hasn’t been to the office or any Sheriff’s Office function. He has not reached out in any way to share any concerns he might have or to ask me any questions about any decisions I have made. I’m very disappointed he hasn’t taken the time to speak to me and the timing of the release all lead me to believe this is politics at play. Don’t be fooled. Vote for Marc Heckathorn for Sheriff because you deserve a sheriff that is educated, experienced, and trusted. I hope I have earned your vote through my track record, especially as Sheriff. I’m proud of all of our accomplishments across the county but especially in CRR. Dedicated patrols, increased traffic enforcement, no new taxes are all things I offer CRR residents that my opponent does not.”


RM also reached out to District Attorney, Steve Leriche for a comment, but to date he hasn’t responded.

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