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9/23/22, 4:36 PM


Brief Report

As of September 6, Cascade East Transit (CET) started providing FREE shopper and medical shuttle rides between Crooked River Ranch (CRR) and Redmond Mondays through Friday’s. CET has placed 4 bus stops on the Ranch to serve the residents.

Transit Planning Specialist, Rachel Zakem


Today CET held an Informational Event at the Badger Road bus stop. Transit Planning Specialist, Rachel Zakem, set up a booth and provided details regarding Bus Route 25.

According to Ms. Zakem, the Event was very successful, there was a large turn out and she was able to clarify routes and scheduling details.

She explained the addition of Route 25 on CRR is a “Pilot Program” and ridership will be guaranteed FREE through the end of the year.


Ranch Matters along with Ranch Director Mike Dries and his family, boarded a CET Bus driven by “Donna” and traveled the loop.



We started at the Badger Road location and drove first to the Redmond Walmart and then we were dropped off at Fred Meyers. Along the way,



About an hour later, Donna picked us up for the return trip to the Ranch. The bus returns to CRR via the Quail Emergency Road and our first stop was at Quail Rd at Chukkar Dr. The bus continued on to Panorama Park, the Old Fire Hall and then back to Badger Rd.

We asked Director Dries for a comment regarding CET’s service. He replied: “Very nice trip and service, I recommend it for everyone.”

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