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5/04/18, 7:08 PM

Dave Palmer’s May 2018 President’s Message was riddled with misinformation along with, once again, shifting BLAME. In the May Issue of the Telegraph, Palmer states.

 “…we have spent over $24,000 in legal fees over the past year or two-all borne by the members of the Association.”

To clarify this matter, Palmer and the Board have elected not to pursue any course of action that could save the Association money. For reasons only Palmer can explain, the alternative dispute resolution option (MEDIATE-TALK), is not going to happen. Palmer and/or the Board simply refuse to explore cost saving options and seemingly have no problem racking up billable Attorney hours.

In a letter dated June 5, 2017, Association attorney wrote “…the Association sees no reason to engage in alternative dispute resolution process.”
On June 9, 2017, our attorney responded by email, stating, “Thank you for clarifying the Board’s position regarding alternative dispute resolution. You made it perfectly clear that the Board has no interest in seeking alternative options which could save the Association Membership money.”

$24 K for Letters?

Note: We have had an opportunity to speak with one of the Ranch Directors specifically about mediation and this Director clearly said Palmer has absolutely no interest in sitting down and talking.

Ranch Matters Staff

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