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1/03/19, 3:41 PM

The question has been asked,does the Tennis Court at Crooked River Ranch need resurfaced?

According to Ranch President Carl Harbour, the Tennis Court is

“showing it’s age with cracks, pits and spalling.”

Ranch Matters walked the Court today and did not observe any serious deformities. We did observe what might be described as “spalling” related to the previous asphalt court that was resurfaced in 2012.


However, we admit, we are not experts regarding tennis court surfaces.

President Harbour also has stated that the tennis court will be resurfaced sometime next spring at a cost of “approximately $8,000 to $9,000…”
Is this necessary?

For those interested, check it it out for yourselves, but you will need the combination for access to the court-it’s padlocked.

You be the judge.

Ranch Matters Staff

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